Medical Professional Liability Insurance Sponsorship FAQs

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I've already purchased insurance. Can I be reimbursed?

Yes. Documentation required that shows limits of 1 million/3 million are met as required by KLT. Reimbursement up to $1400/year, prorated based on expiration.

My insurance doesn't expire for a couple months. Can I be on a waiting list or approved now for renewal when my insurance expires?


If so, can I start my coverages towards the 4 now?

Yes. KLT maintains a database recording all coverages completed by each resident sponsored and insurance effective and expiration dates.

Once I am approved to receive medical professional liability insurance sponsorship, how soon must I purchase the insurance policy?

Medical professional liability insurance policy with limits of 1 million/3 million must be purchased within 60 days. KLT requires resident physician to submit a copy of the insurance policy within those 60 days.

Is the insurance subsidy taxable?

Yes. Kansas City resident physicians will receive the insurance subsidy in their normal paychecks and taxes will be taken out accordingly. Resident physicians in Wichita and Salina will be paid directly and receive 1099s.

When can I expect to see my insurance subsidy check?

Kansas City resident physicians please allow at least 2 pay periods to receive the payment. Resident physicians in Wichita and Salina please allow approximately 30 days for payment.

How do you define service coverage assignment?

Any one scheduled coverage, no matter the length of coverage, is determined a service coverage assignment.

Last modified: May 23, 2017