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KCO - Kansas Career Opportunities

KCO Kansas Career Opportunities

Due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and the necessary social distancing requirements, we made the difficult decision not to host our KCO Career Fairs this year. However, we remain committed to connecting our KRRC clients with rural-focused residents and other health care professionals.

That is why we hosted a series of special events via Zoom called KRRC Connections. This was an opportunity to connect with candidates interested in learning more about your facility and your community. This service was FREE for our KRRC contract holders!

This was one way we added value and allowed your facility exposure to a wider audience. If you are not currently a KRRC contract holder, check out our website and email for contract options to take advantage of other services we offer our clients.

Here's the scoop from our past sessions!

  1. KRRC Connections are special events hosted on Zoom. These events will be specialty-specific for those with the highest demand: Family Medicine, General Surgery, APRN, PA, Nursing, and Behavioral Health/Social Work.
  2. Each facility will have 5 minutes to share information about their position. There will be several facilities presenting at each Zoom meeting. Facilities can participate in multiple meetings. Candidates tend to respond to their peers--if possible, we encourage facilities to have a practitioner speak! Facilities and participants can use the chat feature during the presentation to interact.
  3. KRRC will poll participants and refer their contact information to you if they were interested in your position. For residents/students who are unable to participate during the appointed time, we will record the presentation and refer their contact information to you if they are interested in your position.
  4. Dates and times will be determined by the availability of each specialty/audience.

Our 2020 virtual events were a great success and we look forward to bringing you live and virtual events next year. We are in this together!

Kansas Career Opportunities (KCO) is an annual health care career fair held each fall in Wichita and Kansas City. KCO provides an opportunity for resident physicians, health care job seekers, and students to network with health care employers from all across Kansas.

If you have any questions about KCO, or are curious about future support and advertising opportunities, give us a call at 316-293-2649. Our KCO coordinators, Laurie and Allison, will be happy to assist you! 

KCO is hosted by The University of Kansas Medical Center, Rural Health Education and Services department.  For more information on KCO call 316-293-2649, or email

Last modified: Nov 09, 2020
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Laurie Scott
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