Eligible Communities

How to participate
If your community has an open position for a primary care physician and is interested in participating in Kansas Bridging Plan (KBP), simply notify Rural Health Education and Services (RHES). 

Community obligations
The community or organization with which a KBP resident physician signs a practice commitment agreement (contract) agrees to match the State's loan amount up to $10,000, and loan an additional of at least $6,000 upon completion of residency training, for a total of at least $16,000. Although the practice agreement is a private contract between the physician and the organization, a sample contract is available for organizations to use as a model. Sample Practice Commitment Agreement

When to start recruiting
It is never too early to begin interviewing resident physicians for a practice opportunity in your health care organization. Many KBP resident physicians begin their search for a practice site during their first year of residency, while others wait until their second or third year to begin the search. RHES staff can assist your organization in scheduling interviews with KBP resident physicians, and will notify all who meet the community's position requirements and who have not yet selected a practice site.

How is the loan forgiven?
Although an organization's portion of the KBP loan is governed by a private contract with the resident physician, many health care facilities choose to model their loan-forgiveness contract after the one that the State uses. Residency Loan Agreement

In the State's contract, because the duration of the KBP service obligation is 36 months, the loan principal is divided into 36 equal payments and is forgiven by that amount on a monthly basis as long as the resident practices medicine in compliance with the KBP Residency Loan Agreement. Interest on the loan is also forgiven on a monthly basis. Interest, at the annual rate of 15%, begins accruing on the principal balance on the date the money was received by the resident. Interest that accrues during residency training is forgiven all at once after the first month the physician practices in compliance with the Residency Loan Agreement. Thereafter, the amount forgiven each month is equal to monthly principal amount (1/36th of the total amount loaned) plus the interest that accrues monthly on the remaining principal balance.

If the physician fails to satisfy the obligations/requirements of the Residency Loan Agreement, the physician must repay the loan within 90 days of such failure. The amount to be repaid is equal to the money received, less credits earned, plus interest at the annual rate of 15% from the date such money was received.

Last modified: Aug 03, 2017
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