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About Rural Health Education and Services

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Our Mission

Rural Health Education and Services partners with health care providers, rural and underserved employers, and state stakeholders to advance Kansas' health care workforce through recruitment, retention, education, and research to ensure that every Kansan has access to quality health care.

The University of Kansas Medical Center has a strong commitment to serving Kansas. For more than 28 years, Rural Health Education and Services (RHES) provides quality, responsive services to Kansas health care organizations, health care providers, resident physicians, medical and health care students, rural and urban underserved communities, and national and statewide associations. We strategically initiate, administer, and support many programs and services to strengthen the Kansas health care workforce with one goal in mind—to increase access to quality health care for all Kansans.

Since 1990, RHES has developed expertise in health care employee recruitment and retention, state and federal loan forgiveness and repayment options, temporary coverage, health care career fairs, professional development and workshops, employee engagement surveys, rural health care news, and marketing consultation. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help answer your questions and provide professional service.

Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

Joyce Grayson, Director, Rural Health Education and Services

Last modified: Feb 05, 2019
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Joyce Grayson

Joyce Grayson

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