Completed Grants

KUMC's Institute for Community Engagement use grants and contracts to help fulfill our mission by serving the needs of our community through active engagement. The table below helps showcase the extent our services reach throughout Kansas as well as the region.

Completed Institute for Community Engagement Grants

Principal Investigator Co-
Title of Grant Funding Source Total Direct Costs Years
Nicole Klaus, PhD Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD*,
Ann Davis, PhD,
Mary Beth Warren, MS*
Psycho-educational Psychotherapy by Telemedicine for Children with Mood Disorders in Rural Kansas KUMC - Wichita Internal Funding $100,000 2010-2011
Project Management for Kansas Health Institute Mary Beth Warren, MS* MultiState Learning Collaborative - 3 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation AHEC admin fee: $44,000 2008-2011
Project Management for Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved Mary Beth Warren, MS* SEARCH HRSA AHEC project fee: $100,900 2009-2011
David Cook, PhD* Hospital Preparedness Training Kansas Health Foundation $100,000 2008-2011
Angelia Paschal, PhD Mary Beth Warren, MS* PERK CDC $799,500 2006-2010
Christie Befort, PhD and Jennifer Klemp, PhD Mary Beth Warren, MS* Secondary Cancer Prevention through Exercise and Weight Control among Rural Breast Cancer Survivors Susan G. Komen Mid-Kansas Affiliate

ACS Internal pilot grant


Karen Kramer, PhD Mary Beth Warren, MS* Patient Preferences, Uncertainty, and Colorectal Cancer Treatments KUMC Research Institute Bridging Grant $35,000 2008-2010
Ryan Spaulding, PhD* Linda Redford, PhD Home Telehealth Pilot Project KDOA $100,000 2009-2010
Linda Redford, PhD Mary Beth Warren, MS* Geriatric Education Center Consortium DHHS/HRSA $389,476 2007-2010
Linda Redford, PhD Mary Beth Warren, MS* Workforce Enhancement in Nursing Facilities Kansas Dept on Aging $29,400 2010-2010
Kim Kimminau, PhD David Cook, PhD*, Evaluator Evaluation of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine Initiative Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City $39,600 2008-2009
Ryan Spaulding, PhD* Rural Health Pilot Program – Development of a Statewide Network for Health Care Delivery FCC $3.79 million 2008-2010
Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD* TeleHelp: A Comprehensive School-based Telemedicine Program for Urban youth At-Risk for Depression Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City $99,485 2006-2010
Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD* TeleHelper Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City $150,000 2008-2010
Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, PhD Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD* Feasibility and Reliability of In-home Telehealth Breastfeeding Support International Lactation Consultant Association $10,000 2009-2010
Ryan Spaulding, PhD* Home Telehealth Project – Cost-Benefit and Quality of Life, Continuation of Year 1 Kansas Department on Aging $46,836 2008-2009
David Cook, PhD* Community Education to Increase Awareness of the Disease Among Women in KS DHHS $3,189 2008-2009
David Cook, PhD* Dale Grube, MA* Can It Happen In Kansas? Response to Terror and National Disasters DHHS, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response $60,892 2008-2009
Ryan Spaulding, PhD* Telehealth Access and Cost-Benefit in Kansas HRSA for the Advancement of Telehealth $690,000 2009
Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD* Implementing the American Academy of Pediatrics Attention - Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder Diagnostic Guidelines in a School-based Telemedicine Clinic Children's Miracle Network through Internal KUMC Dept. of Pediatrics grant $21,264 2006-2009
Sally Davis Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD* Midwest Alliance for Telehealth and Technology: A Tri-State Resource Center HRSA for the Advancement of TeleHealth $900,000 2006-2009
*Designates individuals who have a formal reporting relationship to KUMC's Institute for Outreach and Community Engagement .
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Last modified: Jun 29, 2015