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KEE Application Process (Requirements)

Applying for the KEE program is simple and convenient and consists of an online application that incorporates Privacy and Confidentiality (HIPAA) Training and the associated quiz as well as an information packet for you to download, complete and submit.

The safety and privacy of patients and their families, university faculty and staff, and KEE participants is a top University of Kansas Medical Center and KU Health System priority. The documentation that you are required to provide helps us insure that every KEE program participant understands our expectations. This is crucial to our efforts to protect every person involved in your educational experience.

Please follow the steps below to request your educational experience. Contact us with your questions at any point in the application process.


To Apply for the KEE Program...
  1. Access the online portion of the application by clicking the Apply Now button on the left of this webpage. The online "survey" is only the first of several application requirements.
    • Complete the online "survey."
    • Download the applicable KEE Information Packet located on page two of the online application to your computer
    • Review the KEE Program Privacy and Confidentiality Training (click on the link located on page two of the online application)
    • Take the KEE Program Privacy and Confidentiality Training Quiz located on page two of the online application. You must successfully complete the quiz before you can submit your application.
    • Submit your online application.
    • After you submit your online application, you will receive a confirmation email. In addition to providing information on program requirements, the confirmation email will contain a URL/link you can use to upload the applicable portions of the KEE Information Packet. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting your application please contact us at
  2. Complete the applicable sections of the KEE Information Packet that you downloaded from the online application. The KEE Information Packet will include a privacy and confidentiality agreement, a participation and release agreement (there are separate versions for minors and adults), an infection control attestation (clinical observational experiences only), a section to record health insurance information, and an immunization and TB screening form your primary healthcare provider will need to complete.
    • Those requesting research experiences do not need to provide immunization and TB screening information unless you will have contact with patient populations or will work in a lab with primates
    • Those requesting clinical observational (shadowing) experiences lasting a single day or less do not need to complete the immunization and TB screening form
      • There are two ways you can complete the required sections of the KEE Information Packet:
        • If you are used to using Adobe and electronic signatures you can complete the required sections of the information packet electronically, save the file as a PDF, and then upload the PDF using the link provided
        • It might be easier for many to print the information packet, write in your answers, scan the pages into a single PDF document, and upload the PDF using the link provided
  3. Upload your completed KEE Information Packet using the URL/link provided in the confirmation email. Please submit all required paperwork at once. We will not process incomplete or partial paperwork.
  4. Request and pass a background check from our vendor, Validity Screening Solutions. The cost is $38. Background checks from Validity are required for all KEE program participants age 18 years or older except...
    • If your educational experience will only last a day or less
    • If you have had a criminal background check within the last 12 months and you can provide documentation to prove it
      • We will email those applying for research experiences instructions on how to request a background check.
      • For those applying for clinical observational (shadowing) experiences, your information packet will have important information about how and when to request a background checks.
      • Validity usually takes 24-48 hours to complete a background check.
  5. Once we determine that your application is complete/approved, we will notify you via email. We will also attach a completed KEE Program ID Badge Form to the email. All you need to do is print the form and take it to the ID Badge Office located in the basement of the University of Kansas Hospital (Room B314).

Other Important Information

  • During busy times of the year (April-June and October-December), it may take up to 30 days for us to process your application. Plan ahead and request a reasonable start and end date
  • Please complete your application in a timely fashion. The onus is on you to complete the application! We will not contact you to ask for missing paperwork. If you do not receive an email notifying you that you have completed all the requirements you probably still have things to do!
  • Research active learners are required to complete KUMC Safety Training and the accompanying quiz. We will email the training/quiz to you once we have confirmed your sponsor's willingness to work with you.
Last modified: Apr 11, 2019