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About Telehealth ROCKS

Telehealth ROCKS

Connecting the children and families of Southeast Kansas with developmental and behavioral specialists through telemedicine.

Telehealth ROCKS is a HRSA grant-funded project designed to expand successful telemedicine approaches to the children and families of Southeast Kansas.  

Telehealth ROCKS is dedicated to improving the assessment and treatment of children with developmental and behavioral concerns using telemedicine. Over the last decade, the University of Kansas Medical Center's multi-specialty team has worked hand-in-hand with health care providers and school-based sites to develop an integrated telehealth approach. Driven by community-identified needs, this model focuses on developmental and autism assessment over televideo as well as behavioral assessment and treatment over televideo. Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson serves as the principal investigator for Telehealth ROCKS grant.

Project Counties

The Telehealth ROCKS project covers the southeast region of the state including the following counties:

Telehealth ROCKS Counties

Telehealth ROCKS Goals

Telehealth ROCKS Goals
Use an integrated telehealth model to increase early screening and assessment of developmental and behavioral concerns for young children living in rural areas.

Use an integrated telehealth model to increase effective and successful interventions for developmental and behavioral conditions as well as parenting needs.

Engage community members and support systems to promote technology's role in increasing early screening, assessment, and treatment for children with developmental and behavioral concerns.

Use telehealth to increase support services for parents/guardians and families, school personnel, behavioral health providers, and healthcare providers.

Use a wide range of distance education approaches including Project ECHO, to increase the confidence and expertise of local health care providers in assessing and treating developmental and behavioral concerns.

Last modified: Aug 25, 2018

General Inquiries/Referrals
Joy Williams
Telemedicine Coordinator

Grant Information
Shawna Wright, Ph.D., LP 
Project Director, 
Telehealth ROCKS

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