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Since 2012, the KU Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth (KUCTT) has worked with the KUMC Division of Psychology of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences to support telemedicine interns in an underserved populations track, where telemedicine is often more able to help reach these populations. The Clinical Psychology Internship Program is planned and implemented within the Division of Psychology of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and its' Director of Training , Edward E. Hunter, Ph.D., ABPP. The Underserved Populations Track is intended for individuals who foresee their careers as involving working with disadvantaged populations, including work in underserved areas or communities. Interns on the Underserved Populations Track receive training and experience in telemental health with KUCTT in their telemedicine rotation. Interns experience supervision from several supervisors in areas of adult and pediatric psychology, in order to enhance their depth of learning and awareness of diverse styles of competent practice, as well as to help them find which styles best complement their emerging professional identity. Telemedicine interns also have the opportunity to shadow other telemedicine providers at KUMC in areas of Child Psychiatry, Child, Adult, and Geriatric Psychology, Autism Developmental Evaluation, Special Child Behavioral (PICT), Feeding Issues, and Psycho-oncology.

Intern Program Eval

KUMC Telemedicine Interns

Underserved Populations Track

2012-2013 Aimee Deliramich and Jessica Hamilton
2013-2014 Stephanie Donnelly and Lauren Spears
2014-2015 Brandy Baczwaski and Suzanne Heflin
2015-2016 Kimberly Fleming and Savannah Geske
2016-2017 Bethany Aiena and Catherine Rowe
2017-2018 Guillermo Wippold
2018-2019 Angela Gutierrez and Jaime Williams
2019-2020 (current) Ruben Tinajero and Samantha Resnik

Visit the Predoctoral Internship program at the KU School of Medicine.

Interns with Staff

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