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Over 25 Years Serving Kansas

25th Anniversary Art
2017 was our 25th year serving Kansas

Since our founding in 1992, KU Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth (KUCTT) has collaborated with communities to connect Kansas patients with specialty providers via telemedicine. In 2017, KUCTT began its silver jubilee by presenting Telehealth Hero Awards to some of the exceptional community professionals across Kansas who champion telemedicine for patients and families.

In the years to come, we look forward to connecting Kansans with the best available health care while providing Kansas' health professionals the most current health information and education.

Telehealth Hero Awards

As part of 2017's Mental Health Awareness week, the KU Center for Telemedicine & Telehealth (KUCTT) congratulated the Telehealth HEROs honored during the 25th Anniversary celebration. Their guidance and passion to increase access to behavioral health for Kansans is why these HEROs were honored. Behavioral health is one of KUCTT's most active and growing services. The technology has grown cheaper, faster and better, but what has remained the same is a desire to provide our best family-centered services to the most vulnerable Kansans who otherwise would not have access to care.

Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Penick, a pioneer in telehealth over the 25-year span, was honored on September 11, 2017. She sees patients by telemedicine in rural hospitals and nursing and assisted living facilities, creatively using the technology to communicate with elders and their families. She advocates for a strong collaborative care approach with primary care.

Picture Left to Right: Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson, Dr. Elizabeth Penick, Joy Williams.
Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson, Dr. Elizabeth Penick, Joy Williams.

Honorees included: Dr. Martha Barnard, a leader in child psychology telehealth services and mentor for other telepsychologists in training in the KU Medical Center behavioral pediatrics division; Drs. Sharon Cain & Susan Sharp, who continue to be KU Medical Center leaders in child psychiatry at the local, regional and national level; Dr. Enrique Chaves, a telehealth pioneer in pediatric neurology and associated behavioral concerns; Dr. Jessica Hellings, an early leader in telemedicine autism treatments; Dr. Poonam Khanna, an early child psychiatry leader focused on school-based telepsychiatry; and Dr. Kenneth Sonnenschein, an innovator in providing telepsychiatry in private-practice settings

At the Midwest Cancer Alliance Annual Conference in 2017, KUCTT presented awards to these dedicated professionals: Melanie Leepers, cancer program manager from Salina Regional Health Center; Deb White, RN, from the Great Bend Heartland Central Cancer Care Center; Vicky McGrath, Director of the Cotton-O'Neil Cancer Center in Topeka; and Carol Bush, oncology nurse consultant with MCA in Wichita.

Joy Williams, Melanie Leepers, Carol Bush, Vicky McGrath accepting award Deb White
Joy Williams, Melanie Leepers, Carol Bush,
and Vicky McGrath
Deb White

A Telehealth Hero award was also presented to Sandy Kuhlman, executive director of Hospice Services in Northwest Kansas, who pioneered one of the country's first TeleHospice services with Dr. Gary Doolittle in 1998. Her team continues to break new telemedicine ground with TeleHospice services delivered to the home via iPads. Hospice Services Inc. has utilized telehealth to advance the highest quality hospice care in its sparsely populated 15,322 square mile service area, which encompasses two time zones in 16 frontier Kansas counties.

 Joy Williams, Sandy Kuhlman,  and Ashley Spaulding
Joy Williams, Sandy Kuhlman, and Ashley Spaulding

Our final Telehealth Hero award of 2017 was presented to school nurse, Windy Garrett of Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, USD500. Nurse Windy has helped hundreds of children and families connect to care by telemedicine for almost two decades, both in elementary school and now leading efforts with middleschoolers, as well as mentoring trainees going on to school nursingcareers. In addition to being a nationally recognized speaker on telemedicine and school nursing, Windy helped pioneer TeleKidcare, which allows children to be seen by healthcare specialists without having to leave school.

Picture Left to Right: Jeremy Breuggemann, Principal, Argentine Middle School; Joy Williams, KUCTT Telemedicine Coordinator; Windy Garrett, Nurse, Argentine Middle School; Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson, KUCTT Director
Jeremy Breuggemann, Principal, Argentine Middle School; JoyWilliams, KUCTT; Windy Garrett, Nurse, Argentine MiddleSchool; Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson, KUCTT

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