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Teachers Overview

The health care field is rapidly growing and includes more than 250 different professions. The KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center has developed ways to help both teachers and students learn more about health care professions.

Mini Medical School was created as a way to seamlessly integrate health care experiences into the curriculum already being used in the classroom. Through the use of seven different modules with accompanying activities, students will learn about a variety of heath care-related topics such as the spread of viral diseases, the effects of diet and nutrition, and bone structure. To learn more about Mini Medical School, click here.

Teacher Summer Externships is a way for health care cluster teachers to complete continuing education hours by shadowing different health care professionals at the KU Medical Center. To learn more about Teacher Summer Externships, click here.

The KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center also has several programs available to students. Support from teachers and counselors is needed for students to take advantage of the opportunties the KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center provides.To learn more about the programs available to students, click here.

Last modified: Nov 28, 2017
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