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Telehealth Hero Awards honors two at the South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative

November 05, 2018

KU's Center for Telemedicine &Telehealth (KUCTT) leadership personnel traveled to south central Kansas to present Telehealth Hero Awards to three outstanding telehealth champions at the South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative (SCK-SEC). Shelly Brensing, (pictured) school cooperative nurse, and Roxie Anders, telemedicine coordinator, have played integral roles in the implementation and growth of telemedicine services in schools across 7 counties and 15 school districts. KUCTT appreciates its long working history with Shelly Brensing, who has coordinated the telehealth services at SCK-SEC for 18 years, and retired at the end of October. Shelly's vision and team building skills have been foundational to the success of telemedicine in the school setting! Dr. Shawna Wright, associate director of KUCTT, made the presentation in person on October 31st at the Pratt Haskins Learning Center in Pratt, Kansas, while other KUCTT staff and well-wishers joined via ITV. Shelly Brensing

Dr. Wright says, "In addition to caring for her own students, Shelly is a telehealth champion, leading coordinated care of the patient over telemedicine. She introduces the patient and family to the telemedicine system and decreases any worries about being seen over the video. She supports them during telemedicine visits as the doctor's onsite eyes and ears in patient-centered care. She helps after the visits to support the families in understanding recommendations and very creatively looking at resources. And, in the spirit of education, she has taught and encouraged others to do the same, and would be the first one to celebrate their success."

Dr. Wright also praised the work of Roxie, saying, "Roxie Anders has been involved over many years with various positions for telemedicine at SCK-SEC, from supporting patient appointments, helping to meet grant parameters and serving as a telemedicine coordinator. Coordinating telemedicine involves the ability to juggle many plates at the same time, to stay calm and focused, to communicate well with patient families and staff, to help with what seems like mountains of paperwork and to keep the puzzle of ongoing telemedicine appointments in order. Roxie not only does all of those well, but she does them with graciousness and a smile."

Last modified: Nov 16, 2018