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Paul Laybourne symposium on child psychiatry held on April 27

May 01, 2018

Under the course direction of KU Medical Center professor and child psychiatrist Dr. Sharon Cain, the Paul Laybourne Symposium on Child Psychiatry updated over 80 attendees on the latest advances in child behavioral health on April 27. Organized through KU Continuing Education and Professional Development, local and national speakers addressed a wide range of topics, including child and adolescent depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide; motivational interviewing with adolescents who are abusing substances; acceptance and commitment therapy foundations; suicide prevention; partnering with primary care in behavioral health; and Project ECHO. KU Center for Telemedicine & Telehealth assisted the symposium with national expert Dr. Antoine Douaihy joining via videoconferencing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Laybourne Symposium photo Laybourne Symposium photo
Last modified: Jul 26, 2018