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Kansas Opioid Conference

November 15, 2018

The Kansas Opioid Conference was held on November 15th at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Topeka. The conference was designed to engage stakeholders in a proactive effort to build a collaborative response to prevent the escalation of this crisis in Kansas. Ryan Spaulding presenting

Participants learned about prescription drug abuse prevention strategies with an emphasis on low/no cost strategies, risk and protective factors, commonly abused medications, various treatment options, warning signs of prescription drug misuse, and safe use, storage, and disposal methods for prescription medication. Several speakers from the University of Kansas Medical Center presented, including Ryan Spaulding, Ph.D., vice chancellor for the Institute for Community Engagement, who presented Why Project ECHO Works. His presentation explored how Kansas healthcare providers can learn the latest evidenced based best practice suggestions or new guidelines - without leaving their office. Practicing health care professionals can develop a relationship with a team of inter-disciplinary specialists and each other during office hours. Project ECHO (Extension for Community Heathcare Outcomes) utilizes videoconferencing to build a collaborative learning experience.

Last modified: Nov 16, 2018