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MOC Portfolio FAQs

Who is eligible to participate?

Any ABMS board certified physician affiliated with KU School of Medicine (paid or volunteer) may participate in the Portfolio Program. The program is multi-specialty, therefore projects involving physicians from more than one specialty are encouraged. Team members on an initiative should include other health professions, i.e. nurses, quality improvement staff, etc. Involvement of residents and other learners is encouraged.

What QI projects are eligible for the Portfolio program?

Any quality improvement initiative that aligns with clinical enterprise needs and priorities is eligible. Whether the initiative is of short duration or on-going, two improvement cycles (Baseline measure; intervention; re-measure; refining change; re-measure) must be completed in order for physicians' work to be reported to the certifying board. Progress reports will be required every six months until the activity is completed or all physicians have completed their participation.

How does one apply?

The QI project lead will download, complete and submit the KUMC MOC Portfoilio QI Worksheet secure network (contact the Program Manager for assistance if needed).

Is there a fee?

No, at this time there is no fee to participate in the MOC Portfolio Program. Some activities may provide CME credit which may incur a fee.

Does a particular quality improvement process have to be used, ie Lean, Six Sigma, etc?

No, there is no requirement to use a specific process, only that there are the basic QI methods utilized:

  • Improvement aim                                               
  • Performance measure(s)    
  • Data collection
  • Intervention(s) for improvement
  • Re-measure x 2
  • Reflection on change in practice

What is "meaningful participation" by the board certified physician?

While physicians do not need to lead the activity, they must participate in a meaningful way. This may include direct patient care involved in the initiative; planning/design of the activity; implementation of interventions; receiving or delivering training in the initiative; participation in team meetings; review and analysis of data; and/or supervision of residents involved in quality improvement projects. Additionally, physicians will need to document reflection and change in practice as a result of the initiative.

Can Osteopathic physicians participate?

Osteopathic physicians can participate if they are certified by an ABMS member board. Osteopathic boards do not participate in the Portfolio program.

Can other professionals participate in the QI activity?

Yes, that is encouraged. It's unlikely that a physician will be involved in a QI initiative alone. Most QI requires the participation of other members of the care delivery team. Physician Assistants can receive the credit they need for maintaining their certification.

How is successful completion reported to the certifying boards?

As part of the QI project application process, each board certified physician involved will report their NPI number as well as their individual certifying board identification number. This allows the Portfolio Program to report each physician's completion of the activity to his/her certifying board. The team lead and each participating physician must complete the on-line attestation form as well as a completed activity form which includes information on the project barriers, spread, sustainability, etc.

The physician does not report the activity to the board. 

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018