About Our Work

Telemedicine ConsultKU Medical Center is dedicated to working with communities to advance the health of Kansans and beyond.

The power of our partnerships is astounding. We are collaborating to improve health with health care providers, community leaders and like-minded organizations in every Kansas county and dozens of other communities across our region and world.

Our partnerships are:

  • Educating a diverse health care workforce that enjoys solving today's health challenges with a team-based approach
  • Encouraging future generations to pursue health care careers, by showcasing the exciting opportunities and rewards of working in the health sector
  • Expanding access to cutting-edge care close to home through outreach clinics and regional collaborations of hospitals and health care organizations
  • Improving access to specialty health care by leveraging technological advances that allow health care providers to see and monitor patients from a distance
  • Growing the number of health providers in rural Kansas communities, matching top-notch health care professionals with innovative rural communities dedicated to positive health outcomes
  • Providing opportunities for professional growth through continuing education that also encourages collaboration among providers 
  • Enhancing treatment for diseases that substantially affect community health such as diabetes and cancer
  • Improving quality of life for vulnerable populations through community-based research and community-driven solutions

Successful collaborations like these motivate us to work harder, innovate more and grow relationships to build healthy communities.

Last modified: Sep 05, 2014