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The University of Kansas Medical Center is recognized as a leader in education, research, patient care and community engagement. The medical center's visual identity -- its brand -- reinforces that reputation. KU Medical Center's schools, departments, centers, institutes, and other units benefit from strong, cohesive, and consistent support of that visual identity.

KU Medical Center's visual identity incorporates the symbols, logotype, and colors of the University of Kansas, capitalizing on KU's excellent brand recognition. We collectively have spent almost a century and a half building one of the nation's great public research universities. Our visual identity helps the public better recognize the value that KU adds to our state, nation and world.

A strong visual identity:

The University of Kansas requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain permission before using the marks of the University in a commercial or non-commercial manner. KU is represented graphically in three ways: Jayhawks, logos and signatures.

Logos, signatures and the university seal

signatureKU logo
  Logo                                         Signature

Individual schools, departments, centers or institutes may not create their own university logos. Official KU unit signatures can be created by Graphic Services. Do not copy Jayhawks, logos or signatures from a website.

Approved logos, Jayhawks and unit signatures are available for download here

For questions about logos or unit signatures, contact Donna Peck.

The Jayhawk


The Jayhawk is an iconic presence worldwide. As such, a set of guidelines has been developed for using the Jayhawk in print and on promotional items. These guidelines also address use of historical Jayhawks and the Jayhawk head application.

Read guidelines        Download approved versions of the Jayhawk

JayDoc and JayNurse

JayDocJayNurseThe JayDoc image is for limited use only by the KU Medical Center Alumni Association. All other uses are prohibited.

The JayNurse logo is out of date, and its usage is prohibited.


Fonts and colors

Trajan Bold is used for the KU logo and signatures. Palatino, a serif font, and Gill Sans, a sans serif font, are recommended as complementary fonts. More about fonts.

Crimson and blue have long been the identifying colors for the University of Kansas, but other colors have been added to provide a fresh, modern feel retaining the history and prestige of the university. See the color palette.

Photos and video

Photos and videos must represent the university in a positive, professional way. Follow these guidelines:

Photo resources

  • If your department needs photos for promotional or education purposes, we recommend KU Medical Center's Photo Services.
  • Photos of KU Medical Center are available for download. View photos
  • Under certain circumstances, photo releases must be obtained from the people who are pictured in a photo. Learn more about our Photo Policy.

Video resources

  • The KU signature should be used as a stand-alone screen near the opening or closing of university video projects. Download screen here.
  • When editing your video, follow these KU style guidelines.
  • Contact the web editor in the Office of Communications, to have your video added to the KU Medical Center YouTube channel.
Last modified: Sep 21, 2017
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