Jayhawk Tech Clinics

Jayhawk Tech ClinicKU Medical Center's information technology help desk has opened a secondary office on the upper floor of Dykes Library in addition to its main office on the third floor of the Taylor building. Both locations are being rebranded with fresh signage and marketing materials that target students, who have traditionally been underserved, and are now called the Jayhawk Tech Clinics in a nod to the KU mascot and its roots in a medical environment.

"It was time for us to look at where our offices were and how we were telling people about the services we offered," said Jameson Watkins, director of customer innovation & support, which is a new role created last fall to oversee most of the customer-facing technology in information resources.

"I tell people that trying to find our help desk is like being a rat in a maze with a prize at the end. You can get IT help, but only if you know it's in the Taylor building, across a skywalk and up an elevator with no signage hinting at your final destination. We're creating a culture of customer service focus, and when you can't even find us, it's a problem."

The second help desk in Dykes Library was opened using student technology fees and is therefore focused on meeting students' needs. However, faculty and staff won't be turned away if they show up needing help.

Though not offering new services exactly, the Jayhawk Tech Clinics will begin offering scheduled appointments with students, staff, and faculty who want to sit down and discuss their issues.

Marketing materials will emphasize the broad range of help the university community can seek, which includes help with Macs, mobile devices, backup services, and dealing with viruses or malware, along with the more routine password and application problems encountered. Carl Simpson is the manager of the Jayhawk Tech Clinics.

Sign up for a 30-minute consultation with one of the clinics' analysts.

Pictured: Student Shandi Appier talks with Charlie Carter, Jr., in technical support.

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