Upgrade to voice mail system

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 14-15, the KU Medical Center AVST voicemail system will undergo a significant upgrade in technology and capacity. This upgrade will require downtime periods on Friday night and Saturday during the day. 

During the Friday evening outage, users will not be able to retrieve messages, but messages can be left. On Saturday, the entire system — both message taking and retrieval — will be unavailable. Automated attendants will not answer and phones will not roll over to voicemail; however, existing and saved messages will not be lost. 

When the upgrade is complete, we will have a 20 percent increase in port capacity and a new technology for handling message taking and retrieval. That new technology is called SIP, and a universal communication standard will enable each port on the voicemail system to be used more effectively and efficiently. On an average business day, almost 24,000 messages are taken by the system. This upgrade will alleviate the call blocking issues we occasionally experience and will update the system for campus growth.  

If you have questions, please contact DeAnna Villarreal at 913-588-4803.

Update to KU Medical Center's VPN and remote access

In the coming days, a new service will be rolled out called Direct Access that will allow users of university-owned laptops to connect off-campus to many KU Medical Center network resources without needing to use a virtual private network (VPN), including mapped drives (G:) and the Outlook email client. In a nutshell, all traffic on your laptop directed to KU Medical Center resources will automatically be routed through our network, while normal Internet traffic, like web browsing, will be handled through your home Internet service provider.

Here are the details:

  • You will need to be running Windows 7 or greater. There's no Windows XP, Windows 7 Pro (UKP users), or Mac availability.
  • This is for university-owned and managed devices only; personal computers will still need to use VPN.
  • The Windows firewall will be turned on as part of the installation. You may see additional pop-ups when using software that connects to the Internet for the first time, asking if it's OK if they are allowed.
  • You will need to bring your laptop in and physically plug it into the KU Medical Center network to receive this update, which will happen in the background. New laptops will have Direct Access pre-installed.

More information on when you would use VPN or Direct Access can be found here.

Just for Fun

February is Black History Month, and each week in February, we'll feature a related trivia question.

Who am I? In 1958, she became the first African-American woman to graduate from the KU School of Medicine. Email your answer.

Last week's question: 

Who am I? In 1941, he became the first African American to graduate from the KU School of Medicine, ending a history of segregation. African Americans had previously been denied entrance to the second two years of school.

Answer: Edward Vernon Williams, M.D. of Ellsworth, Kan.

Congratulations to Ursula CarrilloJim BellamyTammy BrimmerJoan Lewis-WambiJanie MeekerTammy OsbornSherry KennedyKahlia Ford and Terry Busch, who answered last week's trivia question correctly.


Last modified: Feb 10, 2014