Power outage After-Action Report

The After-Action Report for the power outage on Aug. 13 has been completed. In the report, sustainment and areas of opportunities are summarized, and we're pleased to report that several key items have already been resolved.

Some of the identified strengths included:

  • Quick response of our police department and facilities department for elevator entrapments.
  • Great response to patient care areas by facilities; clinicians and staff worked efficiently despite the difficult conditions; redundant systems were employed.
  • Traffic and pedestrian safety were accomplished in collaboration with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department.
  • Building Emergency Liaisons, in research areas, maintained contact with the appropriate personnel to ensure infrastructure was prioritized to support research.
  • Seamless and efficient activation of Unified Command with each group represented appropriately.
  • Decision making was effective, and requests were prioritized as received.
  • Communication was fluid and respectful, and delegation of tasks easily executed.

Some of the opportunities that were identified and have been resolved:

  • More frequent communication on status of the event: Communications and emergency management have decided to implement a communications plan using a layered approach. For example, Critical Information emails will be sent in conjunction with Rave text messages and other communication methods every 30–40 minutes. Communications will occur even if no new information is available so employees feel they are being kept in the loop.
  • Communication informing employees what's expected of them or how they can help: Emergency management will begin continuity planning at the beginning of the year, and each departments' role in emergencies will be established. Emergency management is also looking at the possibility of implementing a volunteer or informational center during an event. If you want to get involved as a member of your building's response team, please email iem@kumc.edu.
  • Education on uses of Rave and Alertus: The main difference between Rave and Alertus alerts is that when we use Alertus, employees are expected to take action and move (e.g. tornado or fire). In the instance of the power outage, we used Rave messages to keep employees informed, but there wasn't anything employees needed to do. For more information, visit the emergency management website or contact Kelly Morken, associate director of emergency management, at 913-945-7985.
  • Improved emergency lighting and exit signage: Facilities has checked the emergency lighting to ensure it is operational. Emergency Management will look into funding for one flashlight per disaster bag. Departments are encouraged to continue to add items to their disaster bags as necessary.

For more information or to discuss any concerns on the After-Action Report, please contact uem@kumc.edu.

Brag it up!

John DorschJohn Dorsch, M.D., associate professor, Family and Community Medicine–Wichita, has been named a Health Care Hero by the Wichita Business Journal in the Health Care Educator category. Health care professionals are recognized yearly for going "above and beyond to contribute to a safer, healthier community." The Health Care Educators category is specifically for those who have made a "significant contribution to fostering interest in the health care field in others."



Miracle Jeans Day

Mark your calendars for Miracle Jeans Day on Thursday, Sept. 11. This fundraiser, hosted by KU Medical Center's Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, will benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, which support KU Medical Center's pediatrics department. By making a donation, you can "dress casual" on Sept. 11. For those of you who are allowed to dress casual on Fridays, this will give you two casual days in a row! 

Make a $5 donation and receive a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Make a $10 donation, and you can add a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. For more information or to make a donation, click here. There will be four stations set up throughout campus where you can pick up your doughnuts or even sign up to participate. The stations will be at the following locations from 7 to 10 a.m.:

  • School of Nursing atrium
  • Hemenway Life Sciences entrance
  • Hixson Atrium
  • Support Services

About Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater Kansas City has partnered with KU Medical Center's Department of Pediatrics for more than 27 years. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals treat children of every age, illness and injury regardless of a family's ability to pay. All funds raised stay locally to be applied to the areas of greatest need for KU Medical Center's pediatrics department. For more information, visit their website

About Phi Delta Epsilon
Phi Delta Epsilon is an international medical fraternity and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is their national philanthropy. On this campus, the fraternity is still shaping the organization into what they would like to become, with an eye towards educational benefits and national networking for medical students. For more information on the fraternity, visit their website or contact Jacob Smith.

Last modified: Aug 22, 2014