Welcome to our new employees

New employees

Front row - L to R
Kayla Meyer, research assistant – Neurology; Kim Erickson, regulatory coordinator – KU Cancer Center; Kristie Hadenfield, administrative assistant – Information Resources; Katie Embree, administrative assistant – Information Resources; Emily Ottinger, infant/toddler teacher aide – Project EAGLE; Elizabeth Friedman, clinical assistant professor – Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Paige Martin, research assistant – Department of Urology

Second row
Kim Durbin, program assistant – Cardiovascular Research Institute; Sheryl Lorenz, lead preschool teacher – Project EAGLE; Pam Shastri, clinical assistant professor – Department of Pediatrics; Serra Goodman, administrative assistant – School of Nursing; Mariana Ramirez, project manager – Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health; Kelli Hernandez, teacher aide – Project EAGLE

Third row
Kathryn Istas, evaluation and information resource specialist – Office of Medical Education; Kelsey Krausz, research assistant – Microbiology, Molecular Genetics & Immunology; Jess Arcure, instructor – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Dmitriy Zhidovetskiy, clinical instructor; Joe Waller, assistant professor – Radiation Oncology; Danielle Woolsey, project manager – Health Policy & Management

Back row
Carolyn Adams, administrative assistant – Health Policy & Management; Moghniuddin Mohammed, clinical instructor – General and Geriatric Medicine; B.J. Daugherty, electrician senior – Facilities Management, Nellie Watkins, administrative assistant – School of Nursing

Last modified: Aug 21, 2014