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How the Office of Communications helps KU Medical Center faculty, staff and students

The Office of Communications works to generate news about education, research, patient care and service at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

We write news releases and suggest stories to media outlets in Kansas City, throughout the state of Kansas and nationally. We respond to media inquiries about health, science and public policy issues, connecting reporters with KU Medical Center leaders, researchers and other experts. We also tell KU Medical Center stories through our publications and social media channels. We also assist KU Medical Center's faculty and staff communicate with each other through KU Med Central, the internal newsletter for KU Medical Center's campus community.

Common topics

  • Research, ongoing or completed
  • Upcoming public events, exhibits, etc. 
  • Important staff changes
  • New programs
  • Changes in existing programs
  • Awards, achievements, and appointments
  • Community outreach efforts
  • Exceptional students, faculty, and staff

How to tell us your news

In order for us to determine the best outlet for your news, we'll need the following:

The five Ws: 

1. Who

  • Full names and titles of the people involved in the story
  • Who is the target audience for this information: Is yoru news or event primarily of interest to your campus colleagues, or is it also of interest to the general public?

2. What

  • A detailed description of the news or event

3. Why

  • How is this information newsworthy and relevant to the particular audiences identified above?

4. Where

  • Include all information someone would need to attend your event, including parking and directions to the location

5. When

  • Date and time, please.

Explaining research

The Office of Communications works with researchers to share important discoveries. Priority is given to research that is meaningful to and can be understood by a general audience. Please be prepared to tell us:

  1. Does your work address a well-known health problem or issue?
  2. Does your work expose a health problem that the public should know about?
  3. How is your work or discovery unique — in the Kansas City region or nationally?
  4. Is it possible to explain your work in language that anyone can understand? We are trained to translate sometimes difficult scientific concepts into language that's accessible to the general public, but we'll need your help in doing so.
  5. If your work involves patients, reporters will want to talk to one. Do you have patients who are willing to speak to reporters?
  6. Are you willing to be interviewed by print, radio or television reporters?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Natalie Lutz, Director of Communications
Main number: 913-588-2598

Donna Peck
, Assistant Communications Director and Managing Editor, Kansas Medicine+Science


April Blackmon, Community Engagement Communications Manager


Toni Cardarella, School of Nursing Communications Manager

Andy Hyland, Translational Medicine Communications Coordinator

Greg Peters, School of Health Professions Communications Coordinator

Last modified: Dec 10, 2014