The University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) strives to keep its employees informed through several channels, including use of email. Due to the high volume of email messages, it is important to exercise discretion when using broadcast emails (messages sent to all KUMC faculty and staff). To maintain the integrity and implied importance of broadcast emails, all messages sent out via this channel should adhere to the following guidelines and must be approved through the Office of Communications. Please allow at least a 48-hour turnaround period to allow time for questions, revisions, and any necessary approvals.

University Broadcast Email
Messages sent under University Broadcast should apply to all faculty and staff (e.g. employee benefits information; compliance training and other mandate requirements; campus-wide events, such as town halls and appreciation events; messages from leaders; etc.). These messages must note a contact. The contact is the person who can answer any questions or provide additional information if a reader requests it. This is especially important since the University Broadcast mailbox is not monitored for responses.

The disclaimer (below) will be included in all University Broadcast messages to help discourage employees from replying directly to the message.

Disclaimer: Do not reply to this message. This email was sent through the broadcast email system and is not monitored. If you have questions, please call or email the contact provided in the email.

When creating a broadcast message, remember to provide all the relevant information that applies: who, what, when, where, why, and how. 

Who:               University Broadcast messages should apply to all faculty and staff.

What:              Provide enough details about the topic or event so readers can easily sense the importance of the
                       message. Be clear on the reason you are sending the message. 

When:             Note the date and time if applicable. Be clear on any deadlines.

Where:            Note the location if applicable.

Why:               Note the reason(s) audience should care or reason(s) your message is important.

How:               Note any action the audience will need to take.

Contact:          Person who can answer questions or provide more information.

Additional guidelines for email broadcasts:
Messages sent out under University Broadcast or using the distribution lists to all faculty and staff or just staff should apply to all or a majority of employees. If your message does not, please consider a more targeted email distribution or alternate method of communication. Overuse of broadcast emails dilutes the importance of these messages. In order to preserve the priority status of University Broadcast messages, these should be used judiciously. Contact Carrie Brown, internal communications manager, for communications options.  

Last modified: Dec 11, 2014