The University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) strives to keep its employees informed through several channels, including the use of KUMed Central, a weekly electronic newsletter. The goal of KUMed Central is to keep faculty and staff updated on campus events and activities, organizational initiatives and priorities, employment benefits and policies, and other newsworthy items. To ensure we do not overload employees with information and to maintain the integrity of KUMed Central, there will be times when we have to prioritize information that's included in the newsletter. This will depend largely on the number of submissions for a given week.  

What information takes priority?

  1. Initiatives and announcements from the Executive Vice Chancellor and the leadership team.
  2. Organizational news and events that pertain to a majority of the campus (e.g. employment benefits, employee appreciation events, technological and system enhancements, legal and policy updates, etc.)
  3. Faculty, staff, departmental, research highlights.
  4. News from a specific department, school or area that benefits the entire campus.
  5. Events from a specific department, school or area that is open to the entire campus.
  6. News from a specific department, school or area that benefits some of the campus. *
  7. Events from a specific department, school or area that is open to some of the campus. *

* In the event of a news-heavy week, these items will be the first to be excluded.

When submitting your story idea or news item, remember to provide all the relevant information that applies: who, what, when, where, why, and how. This will help KUMed Central's editor to assess upfront if this is a fit for the newsletter.

Who:                    Whom does your information impact/benefit?

What:                   Provide enough details about the topic or event so readers can easily sense the importance of the

When:                  Note the date and time if applicable. Be clear on any deadlines.

Where:                 Note the location if applicable.

Why:                     Note the reason(s) audience should care or reason(s) your message is important. This should answer
                             the question "what's in it for me?"

How:                     Note any action the audience will need to take.

Contact:                Person who can answer questions or provide more information.

Editorial rights:
The Office of Communications makes all editorial decisions. We may edit any submission for length and clarity. Submitting a story idea or news item does not guarantee inclusion in KUMed Central. However, we will work with the submitter on alternative ways to share his/her communication.

Contact Carrie Brown, internal communications manager, at 8-5412 with questions or for help with your communication.




Last modified: Feb 10, 2016