Take control of email overload

We want to give email back its power! Email is a quick way to share information, ask questions, get answers, and communicate in general. However, it has become unmanageable and a source of headache for many, especially in the workplace. In just the month of April, more than 1.6 million emails were exchanged internally (this number does not reflect messages sent from external addresses). Search the internet and you'll find no shortage of articles suggesting ways to cope, solve, handle, or stop email overload. Some even say people can spend up to 30 percent of their time just dealing with email at work. 

Many factors contribute to the overwhelming traffic in our inboxes and to the end result. Email has lost its power. It has lost its effectiveness because people don't even read or open many of the messages due to the volume they receive daily. While we can't control the number of emails or types of emails you receive, we can offer some helpful advice that may help you get a handle on your email overload. 

In an effort to help the campus do this, the Office of Communications is conducting an email awareness campaign that will share tips on how to make email more efficient - for you and everyone else. Click on a link below. You may also download and/or print off the awareness posters on the right to display within your work area.


Week 1: Organization

Week 2:
Best Practices

Week 3:

Week 4:

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Does your email haunt you? Organize your inbox to stop the madness. See tips

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Do your emails drive others crazy? Learn these best practices and become a pro. See tips

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Do you know the dos and donts of email? Learn to be a good email citizen. See tips

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Do you want to be taken seriously? Avoid the gimmicks and keep it professional. See tips

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