Laser Microdissection Microscope

Laser microdissection offers researchers a tool for precise non-contact and contamination-free preparation of cell groups or single cells cut out of histological tissue sections.

The Leica Laser Microdissection Microscope - ASLMD uses the DMLA upright Leica microscope including motorized nosepiece, motorized stage, the xyz-control element and all other advantages of the new DMLA microscope. The laser used is a UV laser of 337 nm wavelength. The movement during cutting is done by the optics, while the stage remains stationary. The region of interest can be marked on the monitor and is cut out by PC control. The sample falls down into PCR tubes without extra forces. The result of the cutting can be easily checked by an automated inspection mode.

Leica AS LMD Overview

Laser microdissection has established itself as a powerful technology essential to a range of downstream applications in pathology, cancer research, life sciences, medical diagnostics and biotechnology.

The Leica AS LMD offers a powerful tool for contamination free separation of cells or cell groups in preparation for PCR, RT-PCR and Proteomics, to name a few.

The Leica AS LMD, a "third-generation" micro-dissection platform, was developed combining automated upright microscope architecture, three-dimensional optical control of the dissecting laser beam and the dissected area, non-contact tissue sampling and motorized post-dissection handling

Technical Data Leica AS LMD

Leica DM LA

  • Motorized objective nosepiece
  • Motorized specimen movement (xy)
  • Motorized focusing (z)


  • Maintenance-free nitrogen laser / Warranty 20,000,000 pulses or 2 Years
  • Wavelength 337.1nm / BW 0.1nm
  • Pulse repeat rate up to 30Hz
  • Pulse duration < 4ns
  • Peak performance 75kW / average 7.2 mW @ 30Hz
  • Beam divergence 0.3mrad


  • Motorized optical beam scanning
  • Motorized setting of laser illumination aperture
  • Focus offset and laser attenuation
  • Collection tray for dissected material, with quick-change mount
  • Motorized positioning of collection tray
  • The smallest cutting area with the 100x objective has a diameter of 4-5µm with an accuracy of +/- 0,6 µm
  • "Unlimited definition" of shapes with draw function
  • Compatible with a wide range of objectives (4X - 100X)


  • Control of all motorized microscope functions and laser movements
  • Display of microscope image on the PC monitor using 3CCD camera
  • "Incision path marking" with correction facility
  • Storing of images in a database for documentation of "different processing"
  • Inspection Mode to control the result of the dissection
  • Simple automated calibration of the whole system

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