Laser Scanning Microscope


The LSM 510 is the powerful combination of confocal microscopy and the fully automated research microscopes Axioplan 2 and Axiovert from Carl Zeiss. The LSM 510 offers four simultaneous confocal channels for reflection and fluorescence, plus an extra channel for transmitted-light examination. Each of the four channels can be separately controlled, with all degrees of freedom for pinhole adjustment. The LSM 510 resolves no less than 2048 x 2048 pixels (more than four million) with four independent 12-bit analog-to-digital converters providing up to 4096 brightness levels give you an ample range of control and variation to optimize a wide range of images. This is ideal for morphology and physiology, for experiments such as ratio imaging, release of caged compounds, or FRAP. Digital control enables entirely new, sophisticated scanning techniques. The available spectral range starts with UV and includes two HeNe and one ArKr lasers. Other features include automatic Z aberration adjustment for all colors by collimator optics, top-grade photomultipliers for fluorescence and transmitted light and external channels.

LSM 510 Laser Scanning Microscope Specification

SP Upright Axioplan 2 MOT and Inverted Axiovert 100 M BP with heated stage Z motor DC servomotor, optoelectronic coding, stepping size 50 nm, HRZ-200 Galvanometric stage of extra-high precision, focusing range 200 µm, step size 7 nm, accuracy 40 nm, permitting continuous Z scan with up to 10 Hz. 

Plan-Neo 10X/0.30 WD=5.6mm, Plan-Neo 25X/0.80 IK DIC, Plan-Neo 40X/1.3 DIC WD=0.17mm, Plan-Apo 63X/1.40 Oil H/DIC, Acroplan 63X/0.95 W, Plan -Apo 100X /1.40 Oil, DIC 

Scanning module   
2 independently operating galvanometric mirrors, Resolution up to 2048 x 2048 pixels, Zoom 1x ... 8x, infinitely variable, Field size up to 18 mm (1x zoom, Plan-Neofluar 1.25x/0.04 objective) Detectors up to 4 channels simultaneously, 4 PMTs for R/FL, 1 PMT for transmitted light, monitor diode Pinholes 1 variable pinhole each for up to 4 confocal channels Dynamic range 12 bit A/D converter for each detection channel 

VIS laser module 
Visible light fiber coupling, single mode, polarization preserving Laser beam attenuation for all visible light lasers by a single temperature stabilized AOTF HeNe laser (543 nm, 1 mW) HeNe laser (633 nm, 5 mW) ArKr laser (488 nm, 568 nm, 30 mW) 

Electronics module 
Control circuitry for microscope, scanning and laser modules 

High-end INTEL® computer, ample RAM space, extra-large hard disk, high-resolution  true-color graphics card, large screen dual monitors, keyboard, mouse 

Windows NT operating system: LSM software for controlling the microscope, scanning and laser modules, image recording, and the analysis, presentation and management of image data. 2D and 3D image processing software for preparing reconstructions and movies and for the quantification of surface area, volume and mean pixel intensity values.

Last modified: May 06, 2013