Sexual Health Conference

Sexual Health Conference 2014

Sexual material often elicits strong reactions from providers, which may interfere with the working relationship between patient and provider. The Sexuality Conference at KU Medical Center is designed to equip our students/future providers to manage the sexuality concerns of their patients more effectively by acknowledging their personal reactions, judgments, biases and affective responses to different aspects of sexuality. The seminar is also intended to increase students' comfort and confidence in discussions about a wide variety of sexual topics.

What to expect at the conference: During the seminar, students listen to live patient panels and watch films regarding sexuality. Students are then divided into small groups to discuss their personal reactions, how the information pertains to their career choice, etc. Also included in the Sexuality Conference is a lunchtime sexual health fair. Community organizations that specialize in some aspect of sexual health are invited to provide information tables for our students. There have been approximately 12-15 organizations at each health fair and have included organizations such as MOCSA, PFLAG, and KC Free.

Who can attend: The Sexuality Conference at KU Medical Center is open to all students and has included those from IGPSB, nursing, medicine, hearing and speech, occupational therapy, health information management, physical therapy, midwifery, dietetics and nutrition, and more.

The topics: Each year, the topics change. During the inaugural event, the conference addressed transgenderism, vaginismus and female sexual pain, and BDSM dynamics via live patient panels. Using film, geriatric sexuality, masturbation, bisexuality, and disabilities and sexuality were all topics that were introduced to our students. In February 2013, three patient panels tackled the sensitive areas of sexuality after cancer, male erectile functioning, and LGBT parenting. This year, the films addressed issues such as foot fetishes, prostitution with the disabled, and sensate focus.

The next conference: Is February 22, 2014 in Varnes. Thus far, it has been confirmed that bisexuality and gay men who are in heterosexual marriages will be included as panel topics. Plan to attend to see what other topics will be explored during the 2015 Sexuality Conference at KU Medical Center!

Last modified: Apr 15, 2014

"One of the most important events I've been a part of since starting med school."

"All I can say is "WOW!" This conference was AMAZING! I learned so much and began to move through my own awkwardness talking about sexuality and sexual issues..."

"Thank you so much for another great conference. I honestly believe that this conference has helped me stay open-minded, hopefully less judgmental, and most hopefully to be a better listener to my patients."

"Loved this conference — really made me think, elicited emotional reactions, improved my skills for my own sexuality."