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Interprofessional Team working with a patient

The University of Kansas Medical Center is dedicated to providing a learning environment that is rich and well-rounded to prepare students for practicing health-care delivery that is patient-centered and in a collaborative team environment.

The Center for Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research's commitment is to promote collaboration between and with different health professions to prepare you for your future career in health care teams.We are passionate about improving the quality of health care by providing learning experiences that emphasize the core competencies of building strong health care teams through teamwork, and excellent interprofessional communication skills, that capitalize on the unique roles and responsibilities of professions, and that highlight the values and ethics necessary to provide patient-centered care.


To transform the quality of patient care through interprofessional team-based education, practice and research.


Improve the quality of patient care by providing learning experiences that promote interprofessional collaboration and teamwork.

Facilitate the development of interprofessional communication skills and understanding of various roles of Interprofessional health care teams.

Develop faculty interprofessional teaching and practice skills.

Enhance interprofessional education in the community.

Be a National leader in advancing interprofessional education, practice and research.

Last modified: Jun 03, 2020
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