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Interprofessional Education (IPE) Teaching Series: Developing Teaching Skills for Interprofessional Environments

KUMC Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation (CIPES) is sponsoried an IPE Teaching Series. This series was designed for:

KUMC Faculty Development Advisory Board   (1) Incresing Interprofessional competencies

   (2) Sharing knowledge on Interprofessional instructional design

   (3) Demonstrating Interprofessional delivery/curricular models

   (4) Enhancing Interprofessional group facilitation skills

   (5) Reviewing important tips for Interprofessional precepting

   (6) Exploring methods of assessment for interprofessional education


Teaching Series Objectives:

1.  Identify opportunities for developing IPE experiences

2.  Describe possible delivery methods for IPE

3.  Develop basic group facilitation skills to be used with IP learners

4.  Develop basic interprofessional precepting to be used with teams of IP learners

5.  Compare and contrast evaluation/assessment methods for IPE

6.  Apply concepts of instructional design and national competencies to develop an IPE experience

These Events have all taken place but feel free to preview them through the Camtasia links below:

August 22nd Session 1: There is No "I" in Team!
Introduction to Interprofessional Education and Practice and Application of Teaching Methods
Resources from Session 1: IPE Resource Links, Methods to Madness Game access and Camtasia Link

September 19th Session 2: The Recipe for Success...IPE Instructional Design
Apply instructional design principles to develop an IPE activity
Resources for Session 2: Instructional Design Template and Camtasia Link

October 3rd Session 3: Student "Shark Tank"
Student perceptions of IPE and feedback from the student "shark tank"
Resources for Session 3: Camtasia Link. Please adjust the sound to hear audience questions from the session.

October 31st   Session 4: I Got Skills!
Improve interprofessional group facilitation and debriefing skills
Resources for Session 4: Camtasia Link. and Debriefing Questions for IPE teams.

November 7th Session 5: Precepting for the 21st Century
Enhance precepting skills for interprofessional student teams
Resources for Session 5: Camtasia Link

November 21st Session 6: Did Someone Say Promotion and Tenure??!
Apply evaluation and assessment strategies to IPE activities to promote scholarship of IPE
Resources for Session 6: Camtasia Link

December 12th Session 7: Repeat of Student Shark Tank
Students provide additional feedback to faculty about new IPE plans in a "shark tank" style.

To register please contact Kristy Johnston (kjohnston3@kumc.edu) by July 30, 2013.

Last modified: Nov 07, 2014
Faculty Development Advisory Board

Norbert Belz, School of Health Professions - Health Information Management

Stephen Jernigan, School of Health Professions - Physical Therapy

Kelli Kramer-Jackman, School of Nursing

Marta Lawson, KUH Nursing Education

Mitzi Scotten, School of Medicine - Pediatrics

Sarah Shrader, School of Pharmacy

Dan Swagerty, School of Medicine - Family Practice

Molly Steed, School of Pharmacy

Jana Zaudke, School of Medicine - Family Practice

Kristy Johnston, IPE Program Director