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Pediatric Interprofessional Simulation

Geriatric Champions 

The Family Medicine Interprofessional Teaching Clinic

robotic baby

Using a robotic baby, KUMC 
nursing, medicine and health 
professions student train to work 
together as a team. Video

Senior woman

Geriatrics Champions Program focuses on six health care 
professions caring for geriatric 
patients. Video  

IPE clinic

Students from different schools 
share their valuable experiences 
as team members of the Interprofessional Clinic. Video

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"I am very excited for the opportunity to be a part of this IPE project. I recently finished eight weeks in the IPE Clinic, and it changed my life. I think that this is crucial to improving the function of our health care system and also to providing our patients with the excellent world class care that they deserve."
— Amber Vieux, nursing student

"We are training all these health care professionals on our campus, and it's critical that we give them the opportunity to collaborate while they're still students. The first time a doctor, nurse and pharmacist work together should not be after graduation."
— Courtney Tenbarge, RN, MNSc, School of Nursing clinical instructor

"I think the clinic gives our pharmacy students some valuable insight into how and why physicians prescribe the medications they do." 
— James Kleoppel, PharmD, clinical assistant professor at the KU School of Pharmacy and faculty adviser at the clinic.

Last modified: Sep 17, 2014