CIPES Structure and Committees

CIPES Governance Structure Graphic


CIPES is governed by the Executive Vice Chancelor Doug Girod and a Dean's Council comprised of the Dean of Nursing; Sally Maliski,  Dean of Pharmacy; Kenneth Audus, Dean of Medicine; Robert Simari and Dean of Health Professions; Abiodun Akinwuntan as well as Dean's of Medicine; Garold Minns and Pharmacy; Robert Emerson from Wichita and Dean of Medicine; William Cathcart-Rake in Salina campuses. 

Curriculum Committee

Consult and maintain IPE activities for overarching CIPES programing. Inform new program design and track programs for IPEC competencies, identify gaps and opportunities to expand.

Co-Leads:  Kristy Johnston (CIPES), Steve Jernigan (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science)

Participants: Heather Gibbs (Dietetics and Nutrition), Elizabeth Young (Nursing), Serra Goodman (CIPES), Steve Jernigan (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science), Wendy Hildenbrand (Occupation Therapy Education), Renee Hodgkins (Clinical Lab Science), Susan Jackson (Hearing and Speech), Kristy Johnston, Karen Schell (Respiratory Care), Pam Shaw (Medicine), Sarah Shrader (Pharmacy), Jim Backes (Pharmacy) and Jana Zaudke (Medicine).

Learning In Practice

Identify and develop new Interprofessional Education opportunities in clinical practice settings.

Co-Leads:  Sarah Shrader (Pharmacy) and Jana Zaudke (Medicine)

Participants: Rachel Barkley (Dietetics and Nutrition), Yvonne Colgrove (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science) , Debby Daniels (Hearing and Speech), Serra Goodman (CIPES), Joyce Grayson (Rural), Joe Heidrick (Pharmacy), Jane Hughes (Occupational Therapy Education), Kristy Johnston (CIPES), Sandy Keener (Audiology),  Alyson Luckenbach (Nursing), Lauren Pulino (Health Information Management), Louann Rinner (Lend Training Director - CCHD), Karen Schell (Respiratory Care), Pam Shaw (Medicine), Sarah Shrader (Pharmacy), Peggy Waggoner (Hearing and Speech), Mary Beth Warren (AHEC) and Jana Zaudke (Medicine). 

Faculty Development 

Create new Faculty Development opportunities for Faculty Preceptors, Clinicians and Staff who are engaged in Interprofessional Education and Practice.

Participants: Steve Jernigan(Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science), Kristy Johnston (CIPES), Sarah Shrader (Pharmacy), and Jana Zaudke (Medicine)

Assessment and Scholarship  

Facilitate innovative IP education and practice research efforts on campus. Provide oversight of the IP Research Umbrella protocol. Define broad longitudinal plan to assess KUMC IPE & practice programs.

Co-Leads:  Kristy Johnston (CIPES), Steve Jernigan (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science)

Participants: Jim Backes (Pharmacy), Cara Busenhart (Nursing), Heather Collins (Library), Debbie Ford (Nursing), Wendy Hildenbrand (Occupational Therapy Education), Heather Gibbs (Dietetics and Nutrition), Serra Goodman (CIPES), Renee Hodgkins (Clinical Lab Sciences), Steve Jernigan (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science), Sarah Shrader (Pharmacy), Kristy Johnston (CIPES), Karen Schell (Respiratory Care), Susan Jackson (Speech and Language), LaVerne Manos (Nursing Informatics), Pam Shaw (Medicine), Kathryn Istas (Medicine) and Jana Zaudke (Medicine).

Last modified: Jan 09, 2017
IPE experience
"It's a rewarding experience. That's one of the things I didn't really anticipate coming into this was how rewarding it was going to be."

— Jake Kenyon,
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