Christine DaleyChristine Makosky Daley, Ph.D., SM, MA
Professor; Director, CAICH
Full Member
I have been working with the American Indian community to reduce cancer-related health disparities since I was an undergraduate in 1995. Since coming to the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC), I have focused on the creation of a culturally-tailored smoking cessation program (All Nations Breath of Life), creation of a culturally-tailored weight loss program (Native American Weight Loss Movement), identifying needs and barriers to mammography and colorectal cancer screening and creating tailored interventions to address them, improving environmental health, improving access to care through our screening clinic, and community education about health and research. In addition, as a mixed-methodologist, I have developed multiple new methods to improve outreach and community-based participatory research for Native people, as well as innovations in methods to help scientists integrate qualitative and quantitative methods. I am currently the Director of CAICH and the Director of the American Indian Health Research & Education Alliance, a group of organizations who work together to improve the health of Native communities. I consider myself lucky to be working with our amazing CAICH team and collaborators!


Charles BarnesCharles S. Barnes, Ph.D.
Professor of Pediactrics, UMKC; Director of Allergy/Asthma/Immunology Research Labaratory, Children's Mercy Hospital
Full Member
I currently serve as Director of the Allergy/Asthma/Immunology research laboratory and technical director of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory at Children's Mercy Hospital (CMH)  in Kansas City, Missouri. In these positions I oversee the daily pollen and spore collection and report for the Kansas City Area. I also supervise testing for fungal allergens and spores in samples collected in homes of asthmatics and testing of pollen and fungal sensitivity in serum samples submitted from the hospital and outpatient facilities. I have developed many of the tests and procedures used for fungal home assessment; and, I serve on the American Society for Testing and Materials panel that is developing international standards for fungal evaluation of homes and commercial buildings. I have a history of successfully recruiting subjects for home remediation and cleaning proposals. I have a history of publications in the field of human fungal exposure and asthma. In the past I have collaborated with researchers at the American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance at the University of Kansas Medical Center to produce exposure and health outcome data leading to several relevant and informative publications. 


Shelley Bointy

Shelley E. Bointy, MSW

Assistant Director; Project Director; Administrative Core Coordinator
Full Member
I have over 12 years of career and research experience in the areas of American Indian health, including but not limited to health promotion/disease prevention and type 2 diabetes prevention/education. My dedication to the field includes (1) developing a culturally tailored course on diabetes education for Haskell Indian Nations University, which now fulfills a graduation requirement, (2) writing health curricula for grades K-12 American Indian students in tribal schools, and (3) helping develop a culturally tailored weight loss program for adolescents (Indian Health Service, "Native Way" program), and adults (Native American Weight Loss Movement). I was nominated to serve on the 2013-2014 National Committee on Minority Health. Throughout my entire professional career, I have worked with and for American Indian people in delivering direct services, providing education, program administration, and research. I remain dedicated to improving the health of Native families and communities.


Won ChoiWon S. Choi, Ph.D., MPH
Professor; Executive Director, MPH Program; Education Core Director, CAICH
Full Member
I have been working in the field of tobacco control for over 20 years, focusing on reducing health disparities. Since joining the faculty at KUMC, I have focused on working with the American Indian population to reduce tobacco related morbidity and mortality, primarily through the All Nations Breath of Life smoking cessation program. In addition, I am currently running a longitudinal epidemiology study with American Indian tribal college students focused on tobacco use and other health behaviors. I am also the Education Core Director for the Center for American Indian Community Health. In addition, I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Master of Public Health Program in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health.




Byron GajewskiByron J. Gajewski, PhD
Methods Core Director; Professor, Dept. of Biostatistics
Full Member

For almost 14 years, I have obtained specific education and expertise in Bayesian biostatistics and clinical trials, key research areas for this proposed work. Human development, outcomes, health disparities, and clinical trials are included in my translational applications expertise. I have spent the past year working with the team of this proposal. I have lots of experience relevant to this proposal. I grew up on the Navajo Indian reservation during the first ten years of my life and I later worked for the Indian Health Service for three summers in the COSTEP program. I am currently the methods core director for the Center for American Indian Community Health (CAICH) where I have worked closely with Dr. Daley for the past four years. As methods core director on CAICH I spend ½ my effort supporting the mammography project and ½ my effort on the development and testing of new biostatistical methods related to CAICH studies; working with Drs. Daley and Choi on new methodology related to smoking data. I have strong experience working on clinical trials, as evidenced by the publication in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showing DHA supplementation improves pregnancy outcomes. I have expertise in the design and implementation of Bayesian designs. I have published new Bayesian clinical trials methodology in a top tier biostatistics journal (Statistics in Medicine), of which one was quoted in NHLBI's RFA-HL-08-013. I was also successful in gaining PCORI funding for a novel Bayesian adaptive design which is a comparative effectiveness trial aimed at finding best treatment for pain in patients with painful neuropathy.


Jason HaleJason W. Hale, MA
Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Education, CAICH
Full Member
I am a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. Since joining the Center for American Indian Community Health research team in 2012, I have contributed on multiple levels to American Indian focused tobacco cessation, weight loss, breast cancer, environmental, and education projects that have led to the development of culturally-tailored health interventions and programming. I have coordinated outreach events that educate, recruit, and connect American Indian communities with research and researchers. I have managed an internship program that has provided American Indian students with health research experiences. My goals continue to include health equity for marginalized peoples through research and education. I currently serve as the Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Education.



Charley LewisCharley S. Lewis, MPH
Research Assistant
Full Member
It has always been a goal of mine to work with American Indians with hopes of reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes. My experience in the public health field focuses on environmental health. I have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects, including a healthy homes program aimed at improving the living environment of American Indian communities. Participating in research has allowed me to 1) gain experience working with American Indian communities, and 2) work toward achieving my goal.

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