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Native Law & Policy Facts

Realizing that laws and policies affect the health of American Indians, the Center for American Indian Community Health (CAICH) created the Law & Policy Core in 2013. This core provides support to other cores in CAICH and serves as a resource for the American Indian community.

Law & Policy Core Mission:

  • Provide the knowledge and the platform for American Indians to assert their rights as research participants and facilitate the cultivation of laws and policies aimed at improving the health of American Indian communities.

Law & Policy Core Objectives:

  • To protect American Indian research participants from unethical research conduct by educating them about their rights as research participants.
  • To effect policy changes that would benefit American Indian health defined broadly to include physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and cultural health.
  • To create and require research projects originating at the University of Kansas Medical Center register those projects with the CAICH Cultural Review and Monitoring Committee.
  • To educate American Indians about current laws and policies that could affect their health.
  • To educate and engage American Indians in the local political process.
Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
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