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Health Beliefs & Behaviors

health booksThere is a lack of data in the academic literature about American Indian health. In an effort to add to the literature, we have conducted three cross-sectional surveys between 2008 and 2011. Topics have included smoking behavior, beliefs about cancer, how and where people find health information and how much they trust it, diet and physical activity, food security, body image, and diabetes, among others. We are currently analyzing and writing papers from these surveys. Here are some of our publications based on these data:

  • Filippi, MK, Young, KL, Nazir, N, Williams, C, Brown, T, Choi, WS, Greiner, KA, Daley, CM (2012) American Indian/Alaska Native Willingness to Provide Biological Samples for Research Purposes. Journal of Community Health 37(3):701-5, ePub ahead of print, Nov 6, 2011.
  • Berg, CJ, Daley, CM, Nazir, N, Kinlacheeny, JB, Ashley, A, Ahluwalia, JS, Greiner, KA, & Choi, WS (2012). Physical activity and fruit and vegetable intake among American Indians. Journal of Community Health 37(1):65-71.
  • Berg, CJ, Daley, CM, Nazir, N, Cully, A, Pacheco, C, Buchanan, T, Ahluwalia, JS, Greiner, KA, Choi, WS (2012) American Indian exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace and in the home. Journal of Health Disparities Research & Practice 5(2): Article 7.
  • Nazir, N, Pacheco, C, Bevill, B, Faseru, B, McCloskey, C, Choi, WS, Daley, CM (2014) Characteristics of American Indian light smokers. Addictive Behaviors 39(1):358-61.
Last modified: Jul 26, 2018