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Environmental Health

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure

We recently conducted focus groups with tribal college students in Montana to learn about their exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, also called secondhand smoke. We talked to both students living on campus and those living off, hoping to learn about the differences in exposure to environmental tobacco smoke based on where a student lives. We are currently analyzing these data and hope to have results available by this summer.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) MappingGIS Map

In summer 2012, we began a yearlong project in which we began mapping the city of Lawrence using GIS techniques. GIS mapping is used to help us understand the distribution of health conditions and their risk factors among different populations. This information helps us identify the types of interventions that are needed in different populations to improve health and how to develop effective interventions in different locations.

Our project began with the collection of basic information about the types of food available, as well as their cost, to students in Lawrence, Kan., as well as locations for physical activity and possible environmental hazards. We collected information for a year, in each of the four seasons to determine any differences in availability based on season. We are currently analyzing the data and hope to be able to provide students with information about how to be healthy for minimal cost.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018