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CAICH uses community-based participatory research (CBPR) in all of its research studies. CBPR is a type of research that involves community members in all parts of the research process. At any given time, between 70% and 80% of our primary research team staff members are American Indians from many different Nations across the United States. CAICH is conducting numerous research studies aimed at improving the health of Native communities.  Continue reading to learn about our work in addiction, cancer, health literacy, weight management, and a variety of other areas!


Developing Education Materials for a Pan-Tribal AI/AN Smoking Cessation Program
KUMC Research Institute, Inc.

Addressing Cigarette Smoking among Native Americans
American Lung Association

Targeted Smoking Cessation Program for Native Americans
American Cancer Society
The objective of this project is to pilot test a culturally targeted smoking cessation program for Native American adult smokers and to evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of the intervention components.

Educating American Indians and Alaska Natives about Smoking and Lung Health Using the Internet
American Lung Association
The objective of this project is to design a culturally-tailored Internet site for American Indians/Alaska Natives about smoking and lung health. It will also determine interest of American Indians/Alaska Natives in an Internet-based smoking cessation program.

Using CBPR to Implement Smoking Cessation in an Urban American Indian Community
National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
The purpose of this grant is to implement the culturally-tailored smoking cessation program "All Nations Breath of Life," in the Kansas City Metroplex using community-based participatory research. This grant has an additional administrative supplement to pilot test implementation of the program using telemedicine.

Administrative Supplement: Virtual smoking cessation groups for American Indians via telemedicine
National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
The purpose of this administrative supplement is to pilot the implementation of the culturally tailored smoking cessation program "All Nations Breath of Life," using telemedicine.

Culturally-tailored Smoking Cessation for American Indians: A Multi-site Trial
National Cancer Institute
This randomized controlled trial of our culturally-tailored smoking cessation program, All Nations Breath of Life, test the efficacy of the program in reservation communities in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Disseminating the All Nations Breath of Life Smoking Cessation Program Bridging Grant
KUMC Research Institute, Inc.

Evaluation of Tribal College Smoking Policies
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The overall objective of this grant is to identify campus tobacco policies of Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU) nationwide; and explore the impact of smoking policy on smoking-related behaviors and exposure to second hand smoke at a TCU. Secondary data analysis will be conducted on data collected pre- and post- implementation of the TCU's partial smoking restriction policy to examine whether smoking prevalence, consumption, quit attempts and exposure to second hand smoke differed before and after policy implementation. Information on TCU tobacco policies, policy challenges and successes will be collected from key informant interviews of 37 TCU administrators nationwide and used to create a database of TCU campus tobacco policies and a "smoke-free campus" toolkit for TCUs.

Web-based Smoking Cessation Program for Tribal College Students
National Cancer Institute
In this study, we will adapt and test a culturally tailored internet-based smoking cessation (I-ANBL) program based on ANBL, which was developed through CBPR methods. For the current proposal, we will conduct an individual randomized controlled trial (N=242) to test the effectiveness of an internet-based culturally tailored smoking cessation program (I-ANBL) in a tribal college student population.

Smokeless Tobacco Cessation among American Indians Using In-Person Groups
National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
The overall objective for this project is the development and pilot testing of a culturally tailored smokeless tobacco cessation program for American Indians using community-based participatory research.

Development of a Telephone-Based Individual Smoking Cessation Program for American Indians
National Cancer Institute
The overall objective of this study is to modify the successful All Nations Breath of Life culturally tailored smoking cessation program to a telephone-based, individual program for American Indian adult smokers.


Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers in American Indians/Alaska Natives
National Cancer Institute

Needs and Barriers to Mammography in a heterogeneous American Indian/Alaska Native Population
Komen Foundation

American Indian and Latino Community Ambassadors to Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute

AIHREA MPH in American Indian Breast Cancer Disparities
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
The overall objective of this project is the creation of a track in the KUMC MPH Program focused on breast cancer disparities in the American Indian population. The training goals for students in the program will consist of two primary areas: education training through coursework in the MPH program, and research experience through primary mentorship from Drs. Daley and Choi.

Tailored Touchscreen Colorectal Cancer Prevention in American Indian Communities
National Cancer Institute
This project asses the efficacy of a novel tailored touch screen computer intervention, utilizing an "implementation intentions" approach to improving colorectal cancer screening in American Indian communities.

Continuing an American Indian Breast Cancer Disparities Training Program
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
This grant continues a training program in the KUMC Master of Public Health program for American Indian students who wish to pursue breast cancer disparities as their primary line of study.

Health Literacy

Development of a Tobacco Health Literacy Instrument
National Cancer Institute
In this study, we develop and test both a long and short version of a tool to measure tobacco health literacy among American Indians, including both recreational and traditional use.

Weight Management

Developing and Pilot-Testing a Culturally-Tailored Weight Loss Program for American Indians
KU Cancer Center
This internal grant develops and pilot tests a culturally-tailored weight loss program for adult American Indians based on the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Other Research Projects

Addressing health disparities among American Indians through primary care screening
Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Alzheimer's Disease in American Indians
GCRC Pilot Grant

Central Plains Center for American Indian Health Disparities (CPC-AIHD)
National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
This Center of Excellence grant sets up a new Center for American Indian Health Disparities at the University of Kansas Medical Center, based on the principles of community-based participatory research. It includes substantial educational pipelining and sets up infrastructure to support all research with American Indians.

American Indian Comprehension of Informed Consent & Trust in Medical Researchers
American Cancer Society Institutional Grant, KU Cancer Center
The overall goal of this study is to improve the informed consent process to increase AI participation in research that will lead to new discoveries to enhance AI health. To that end, the objectives of this study are to: 1) produce a valid and reliable instrument template, the Test of Informed Consent Comprehension (TICC) to measure informed consent comprehension among AI participating in research, and 2) examine the relationship between comprehension of informed consent and mistrust of researchers.

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