E-Newsletter - March 2017

AIHREA Royalty: Representing AIHREA throughout Native North America

AIHREA powwow princess Paan Pai Roberts traveled throughout the United States and Canada representing her tribe and our alliance throughout 2016. Paan Pai’s 2016 powwow trail took her as far north as Saddle Lake Alberta, Canada, west to Indio, California, south to Hollywood, Florida, and several other powwow celebrations. She also spent  several months in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico during the fall of 2016 with her grandparents. While there, she learned more about  her Pueblo way of life which includes her love of Taos Pueblo Round Dance songs, sung Oklahoma style. 

AIHREA would like to thank Paan Pai and her parents, Michael and Rebecca, for their support and the goodwill they offered to the communities they visited on behalf of their family, tribe, and AIHREA. Paan Pai and her family will sponsor an 18-25 Year old Women's Southern Cloth Special dance contest at this year’s AIHREA powwow. The special dance contest will have 3 places and includes jackets and cash prizes for the winners. 

AIHREA Brave CaDence “HaGa” Pelkey, is the third son to Dora and LeRoy Pelkey Jr and is currently a senior at Free State High School in Lawrence, KS. His Winnebago Indian name is Manape. CaDence represented AIHREA throughout 2016 at several powwows. He has also enjoyed dancing, playing Xbox, working on crafts for himself and family, and listening to people talk of “old times”. He comes from a long line of military men and women in his family.  One that he is especially proud is his great-great grandfather, Thomas Buchanan, who served in Spanish American War.  CaDence honors him by wearing his designs in his beadwork.  

CaDence recently had a death his family and has taken time off from powwows out of respect to his grandmother. CaDence plans follow in the footsteps of his late grandfather, Leroy Pelkey Sr., by joining the navy after graduation. We wish to thank CaDence and his family for representing AIHREA this past year and wish him luck in his future endeavors. 

Pictured above to the right: Miss AIHREA Pann Pai Roberts representing AIHREA at a local powwow
Pictured above to the left: 2016 AIHREA Brave CaDence "HaGa" Pelkey dancing at a local powwow

Telephone-based All Nations Breath of Life (tANBL)

We are excited to announce the start of the Telephone-based All Nations Breath of Life (tANBL) quit smoking intervention. This program is based on the original All Nations Breath of Life (ANBL) group-based program. ANBL was very successful at helping American Indians quit smoking and we feel the tANBL program will do the same. The program includes culturally-tailored educational materials, weekly counseling from American Indian facilitators through phone sessions and text messaging, as well as incentives for participating in the program.  If you are interested in participating, please contact project manager Jason Hale, at (913) 945-7822 or jhale@kumc.edu.

CAICH’s Updated Website: Staying active with research

We are excited about our updated content and enhanced quality and structure that has improved CAICH’s web pages and our presence within the KUMC website. The changes will enable better ongoing maintenance of CAICH’s website pages, making it easier for us to update our web content as required. Improved simplicity will complement the dynamic nature of our research by streamlining the organization of our website to be more concise and refined, and simplifying the text to be more readable. Our website will become more interactive through new online forms and links to improve communication between our center, fellow researchers, students, and community members.  We will also now share the monthly newsletter on the website for those who aren’t subscribed to receive it via email. Look for highlights of members from our research team each month, as well as, showcasing some aspect of our research efforts.   

Last modified: Jun 05, 2017