Data Sharing Request

Special considerations need to be taken into account when sharing research results from studies conducted primarily with American Indians. For instance, secondary data analysis may result in research being done to which American Indian participants did not consent. In the past and recently, concerns about misuse of data have caused some American Indian communities not to share data. The CAICH is open to sharing data gained from its research studies provided certain criteria are met:

  • Person/organization must be willing to enter into a legally binding data sharing agreement
  • Any further analysis on data received must be registered through CAICH's project registration process
  • All data given will be de-identified and presented in aggregate form
  • Tribes cannot be mentioned by name, only region
  • CAICH must be cited as the source of the data
  • CAICH has the right to review and reject any statements made prior to publication/dissemination
  • The CAICH PI for the study from which the data were received and a community member designated by CAICH must be given authorship on any papers submitted for publication or presentation
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