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Research Results

We are dedicated to sharing the results from our research with community members.  We have one-page information sheets about many of our research projects available for download here.  If you want to learn more about results from a particular project and there is no information sheet available, please contact Jason Hale, MA, CAICH Assistant Director for Community Engagement & Education, at or 913-945-7822.

Research Results

All Nations Breath of Life (ANBL): A Quit Smoking Program

Program DevelopmentMore about Program DevelopmentProgram Book Development
Formal Test on ReservationsANBL in Urban Communities

All Nations Snuff Out Smokeless (ANSOS): A Quit Chewing Tobacco Program

Program DevelopmentMore about Program DevelopmentOne-Time Education Sessions

Cigarette Smoking among American Indians

Traditional Tobacco and QuittingLight SmokersNo Smoking Policies



Understanding Breast Cancer Needs

Community InterviewsCommunity Group DiscussionsAre Women Getting Tested?

Understanding Colon Cancer Needs

Community InterviewsCommunity Group DiscussionsAre People Getting Tested?


Culture & Ethics

The Tribe of Mic-O-SayAmerican Indians and Medical ResearchersSaliva and Blood Research

Environmental Health

Safe and Healthy Homes


Health Beliefs & Behaviors

Health Information

Finding Information on HealthHealth Information on the Internet

Student Access

Alcohol and TobaccoParks and FitnessRestaurants and Grocery Stores

Weight Management

Healthy Eating and Exercise

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Last modified: Jul 26, 2018