AIHREA Royalty: Representing AIHREA throughout Native North Americascreening clinic 2015CAICH students educating about bullying

AIHREA Royalty: Representing AIHREA throughout Native North America

AIHREA powwow princess Paan Pai Roberts traveled throughout the United States and Canada representing her tribe and our alliance throughout 2016. Paan Pai's 2016 powwow trail took her as far north as Saddle Lake Alberta, Canada, west to Indio, California, south to Hollywood, Florida, and several other powwow celebrations.  <Read More>

CAICH Komen Scholars

Meet our Komen grant scholars! A grant from Susan G. Komen for the Cure that has allowed CAICH to fully fund three Native graduate students who will focus their studies on issues related to breast cancer among American Indians. <Read More>

Spotlight on Research

We are dedicated to sharing the results from our research with community members.  We have one-page information sheets about many of our research projects available for download. <Read More>

Center for American Indian Community Health

The Center for American Indian Community Health (CAICH) began in 2010 as a National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities funded Exploratory Center of Excellence. Our mission is to improve the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural health of American Indian communities and individuals throughout Kansas, the region, and the nation through collaborative research, education, and service.  Our vision is health equity and equality for all American Indians.

CAICH serves multiple purposes for both KUMC and the American Indian communities we serve.  First and foremost, we strive to bring together researchers and American Indian communities for the purpose of conducting quality community-based participatory research to reduce health disparities.  Community-based participatory research is mandated by the majority of American Indian communities for anyone wishing to conduct research with them.  We provide significant assistance to researchers who do not have the experience or connections in the community that we have.  Second, we enhance the image of KUMC in American Indian communities locally, regionally, and nationally through culturally appropriate programs and provision of services.  Third, we increase the number of American Indians entering the health professions and health research careers through educational pipelining activities.  Fourth, we provide services to American Indian communities locally, regionally, and nationally to improve health, health literacy, and educational attainment.

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