Brad Cardonell

Brad Cardonell

What do you like about being a student at KUMC?

I like the interaction with my classmates. Everybody in my program is there to help each other. KUMC medical students' attitude toward the curriculum is, "let's get through this together" versus always competing for a class rank. It makes for a more comfortable learning environment.


What has been the best unexpected thing about your time here at KUMC?

I think it's amazing how far KUMC is advancing and becoming national leaders in patient care. It's always a good sign when academic hospitals are expanding and building especially in hard economic times. Since I have been at KUMC there has always been construction going on somewhere on campus. Hopefully when I look back at medical school I can say, "I was there when we became a National Cancer Institute designated facility."


What advice do you have about being a successful KUMC student?

Get involved. There are plenty of organizations or groups to get involved in at KUMC. At the end of your program you don't want to just come away with another diploma. Have something that you can look back on and say you made a difference in some way. It can be anything from a class, the school, an organization or the community.


B CardonellWhat is your favorite place to eat on/near campus?

d'Bronx. The pizza is great and you can never go wrong with the J-Bomb sandwich.


Do you have any tips for a smooth transition from a traditional undergraduate campus to a professional/graduate campus?

ADAPT! Give yourself an opportunity to try new study habits. Not everything that worked in undergrad will work in graduate school. Also don't be afraid to do something different than your friends. Professors may also recommend a certain way to approach the information — take it as a guideline. The final goal is to understand the information, it doesn't matter how you reach that goal.

Last modified: Feb 06, 2012
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Brad Cardonell

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Doctor in Medicine

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B Cardonell