1. The IWHR Scholar will have at least 75% protected time for research in women's health while supported by the BIRCWH K12 Program.
  2. The IWHR Scholar and 'Lead' Mentor will provide semi-annual progress reports while actively supported by the BIRCWH K12 Program and annual progress reports following graduation from the Program.
  3. The Home Department, Research Center, and/or Research Institute will provide laboratory space and resources for continued faculty development after the IWHR Scholar graduates from the BIRCWH K12 Program.

The prospective IWHR Scholar and proposed 'Lead' Mentor will meet with the Program Director to review all rules and responsibilities associated with the KUMC BIRCWH K12 Faculty Development Program. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of the 'Lead' Mentor in providing career guidance and direction during and after graduation from the BIRCWH K12 Program.

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