The purpose of the KUMC BIRCWH K12 Faculty Development Program is to formally establish and strengthen the women's health research enterprise at the University of Kansas. The goal of the effort is to promote interdisciplinary research and transfer findings that will benefit the health of women, including sex/gender similarities or differences in biology, health or disease. The KUMC BIRCWH K12 Program accomplishes this task by providing advanced training, career guidance, and transition to independence for junior faculty pursuing interdisciplinary research in women's health. Junior faculty participating in the KUMC BIRCWH K12 Program are referred to as Interdisciplinary Women's Health Research (IWHR) Scholars.

Objectives of the Career Development Program

Objective I - Faculty Recruitment: Over the five-year project period, increase by at least eight the number of junior level (assistant professor) faculty hired in tenure-track positions pursuing women's health research.

Objective II - Faculty Development: Provide a flexible faculty development plan tailored to meet the needs of each newly recruited IWHR Scholar with the goal of a successful grant submission targeted to women's health research after at least two years of participation.

Objective III - Faculty Retention: Closely monitor progress of each IWHR Scholar while they are supported by the BIRCWH K12 Program and following their graduation to ensure career development in women's health research.

Criteria for Candidate Evaluation and Selection

The Internal Advisory Committee of the KUMC BIRCWH K12 Program will be responsible for IWHR Scholar candidate evaluation and selection. Eligibility requirements for prospective IWHR Scholars will be monitored by the Program Director.

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