Beibei Xu

Beibei Xu

What advice do you have about being a successful KUMC student?

Work and study hard, be active in student activities. As an international student it is important to push outside of your comfort zone to make connections with other students to form study groups and friendships outside of the classroom.


What do you like best about Kansas City and the community?

I have several favorite places in Kansas City such as Worlds of Fun, Kansas City Zoo and Nelson-Atkins Museum. The Walters Dance Center is very good. I learned a lot about dance, and had a lot of fun there.


Do you have any tips about transitioning as an international student?

It is important to practice your reading and writing in order to do well in the courses. Don't be overwhelmed when you first see the amount of reading and discussion. This is a good chance to push and improve your whole self. You also need to push yourself to join some American classmates to get an appreciation for the different lifestyles and culture. As you learn more and more you become more comfortable in the setting.


B XuWhat do you like about being a student at KUMC?

KUMC has a very good student wellness program. The wellness program makes students feel well-rounded and prepared for the professional world. I am always taken good care of by the professionals and professors since the day I came. I am really prepared to adapt to the life of a US student thanks to the international programming offered through KUMC.


What is your favorite place to eat on/near campus?

It depends on what kind of environment you want to have the meal. Jack Stack and Cheesecake Factory are very nice and reasonable pricing. Oklahoma's BBQ tastes really good.

Last modified: Feb 16, 2012
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Beibei Xu

Degree Program:
Masters of Public Health

Beijing, China