Grant Request Funding

  • The grant/project should be $3000 or less to be considered
  • Deadline October 1, 2013
  • The call for proposals will go out July 1, 2013
  • Project should be started in late 2013 and completed by April 1, 2014

To fully complete the Project/Grant Request form do the following:

1. Complete the online form. Click here to fill out the form.

2. Please submit your form as early as possible. Only the first 50 forms will be accepted for financial grant consideration.

Gather the following documents

  • Project description, including purpose, be brief please.
  • Please note that it must benefit patients, employees students or staff.
  • Benefit/Cost breakdown and Photos (if applicable). Be specific to items requested, costs (including shipping and handling), suggested vendors for purchase, and or photos accompanied by prices. The grant/project should be ineligible for funding from any other existing source.
  • The grant/project should be $3000 or less to be considered.
  • Please note: To encourage brevity, a letter of approval from your supervisor or director is no longer required, but just list his/her name, title and email address.

3. Email all attachments to to Sheila Jewell at Please include the Grant/Project Title in your email so we can match submissions. You will be notified by the Auxiliary about approval or denial of your request. The Auxiliary Iooks forward to receiving your requests and if you need further information, please call  816-304-4740.

Last modified: Jul 03, 2013