Andrew Claassen

A Classen

A ClassenWhat do you like about being a student at KUMC?

I like that it’s a professional atmosphere and everyone seems to have a clear vision of what they want to do, which is motivating for me as I’m finishing school and entering the work force.


What is great about your program?

It’s relatively small so I have the same group of people in all of my classes, which is really nice because I’ve been able to build some great relationships with my classmates and professors.


What has been the best unexpected thing about your time here at KUMC?

I would say building relationships with my professors. At a campus like KU in Lawrence you are often in large classes, so it’s tough to make good connections with professors. I was expecting the same at KUMC, but it really has been just the opposite.


A ClassenWhat has been your biggest challenge at KUMC?

Figuring out where everything was my first week of classes. The campus is pretty large so it’s a good idea to scout things out the week before classes start.


Do you have any general advice for incoming students?

Carry yourself in a professional manner because you never know what kind of connections you will make while at KUMC. Anyone you run into could be a potential employer or someone who has connections to an employer.

Last modified: Feb 07, 2012
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Andrew Claassen

Degree Program:
BS in Health Information Management

McPherson, Kansas