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Past Peter T. Bohan Lectures

Below is a listing of past Peter T. Bohan Lectures.  Additional lecture and biographical information are linked and will show up in blue font, if available. Click on the title or presenter's name to view. 

Year Title Presenter(s)
2018 Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness Susannah Cahalan
2017 When Breath Becomes Air: A conversation with Lucy Kalathini Lucy Kalathini, MD, FACP
2016 The Social Cure: How Peer Pressure can Transform the World Tina Rosenberg
2015 Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us Michael Moss
2014 Inspiring Ordinary People to Enact Extraordinary Change Rye Barcott
2013 Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies & Aid Samantha Nutt, MD
2012 Neuroscience: It’s All in your head Paul Camarata, MD, FACS
Cary Savage, PhD
Peter Smith, PhD
2011 Translational Research through Public-Private Partnerships Scott Weir, PharmD, PhD
2010 Federal Health Care Reform:  What Does It Mean for Me? Marcia Nielsen, PhD, MPH
2009 Nancy Wilson Dickey, MD, first women elected President of the American Medical Association Nancy Wilson Dickey, MD
2008 Medicine Under Canvas, KUMC’s 77th Evacuation Hospital WWII Experience Film Documentary
2007 Global Best Practices in Providing Quality Healthcare William G. Plested III, MD’62
2006 Here is Where it All Began: 65 Years at KU
Lessons Leavened and Learned
William Sirridge, M.D.
Lawrence C. Tsen, M.D.
2005 I Think I Should Like to go Back to Kansas
The Top 10 Things I have Learned as a Physician Educator
Professional Formation: 40 Years at KU
Fred & Grace Holmes M.D.
Capt. Brad Poss, M.D.
Daniel Hinthorn, M.D.
2004 The 21st Century Medical Student
Reflections on the Learning Life
Medical School and My Professional Values
Mark C. Meyer, M.D. 
Cheng T. Cho, M.D., Ph.D.
Robert Daugherty, Jr, MD, Ph.D.
2003 Public Service & Medicine in Kansas
Witnessing the Kidney Come of Age
Roger P. Reitz, M.D.
Dennis A. Diederich, M.D.      
2002 Wit and Wisdom Robert Manning, M.D.
2001 Crisis and Response: The Evolution of the Ethics of Research Mary Faith Marshall, Ph.D.
2000 Lessons Taught By Patients Ernie Crow, M.D.
1999 Through a Woman’s Physician’s ‘I’ Marjorie Sirridge, M.D.
1998 The Illness Experience and the Responsibility of  Doctoring: The Moral Basis of Medicine Arthur Kleinman, M.D.
1997 Redefining the Margins: Women Physicians in 20th Century American Medicine Ellen Moore, Ph.D.
1996 Can We Have 20/20 Vision for  Healthcare in the Year 2020? Donald Hagen, M.D.
1995 The Healer’s Power: Why Medical Ethics Must Talk About Power Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D.
1994 Discovering the Demands of Ethics: Learning to Honor the Angel of Death William G. Bartholome, M.D.
1993 The Narrative Structure of Medical Knowledge: The Patient as Text Kathryn M. Hunter, Ph.D.
1992 Is the “Medically Good” Treatment Always the Right Treatment David C. Thomasma, Ph.D.
1991        The Advent of the UnPatient:  The Implications of Genome Information for the Patient-Physician  Relationship Albert R. Jonsen, Ph.D.
1990 Rationing Medical Progress:  The Key to Decent Health Care?  Daniel Callahan, M.D.
1989 The Rationing of Health Care in America Larry Churchill, Ph.D.
1988 Duty and Caring Jay Katz, M.D.
1987 Should the Physician Hasten the Death Angel:  When She Paused in Her Flight (Withholding Food and Water from the Ill) Paul Ramsey, M.D.
1986 Medical Aspects of Manned Space Flight Allen J. Parmet, M.D.
1985 The Pharmacotherapy of Depression Jerrold G. Berstein, M.D.
1984 Changes in Medical Practice Implications during the Past 25 Years Norton J. Greenberger, M.D.
1982 Medical History in Medical Schools Robert P. Hudson, M.D.
1981 Scholars, Saints, Skeletons Stanley R. Friesen, M.D., Ph.D.
1980 By the Numbers, Treat Robert E. Bolinger, M.D.
1979 WAMI, the Kansas Plan Revisited Robert L. Van Citters, M.D.
1978 Medicine, the Government and You R. Don Blim, M.D.
1977 My Reflections on 57 Years of Medicine John D. Pace, M.D.
1976 The Present Day Management of Leprosy Carl D. Enna, M.D.
1975   Harrington Instrumentation for Treatment of Unstable Deformities of the Human Spine Paul R. Harrington, M.D.
1974 Medical Education – Where and By Whom? George E. Burkett, Jr., M.D.
1973 What is the Question? Clark H. Millikan, M.D.
1972 A Look at Medicine Through the Retrograde and Foreoblique of the Human Spine William J. Engel, M.D.
1971 Concerns About Our Profession Maxwell G. Berry, M.D.
1970 The Doctor’s Health Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D.
1969 Reflections of Medicine  W. Clarke Wescoe, M.D.
1968 Mechanisms of Motivation Thomas M. Durant, M.D.
1967 The Third Trimester Maxwell G. Berry, M.D.
1966 Flexibility in the Pursuit of Medical Competence Edward C. Rosenow, Jr., M.D.
1965 On the Philosophy of the Questioning Attitude Clark H. Millikan, M.D.
1964 In the Tradition of Clinical Medicine (On Meeting Fools) Raymond D. Pruitt, M.D.
1963 Gastric Freezing for Manifestations of the Peptic Ulcer Diathesis Owen H. Wangensteen, M.D.
1962 A Teaching “Doctor’s Dilemma” Mahlon Delp, M.D.
1960 The Legal Aspects of Coronary Disease Howard B. Sprague, M.D.
1959 Corticotropin, Adrenal Steroids and the Digestive Tract Walter L Palmer, M.D.
1958 Pain Henry K. Beecher, M.D.
1954 Prognosis in Coronary Artery Disease Roy W. Scott, M.D.
1953 A Quarter Century of Medical Experience Paul D. White, M.D.
1952 Surgery, General and Otherwise Claude F. Dixon, M.D.
1950 Urology and Internal Medicine Herman L. Kretschmer, M.D.
1949 Infections in Cardiovascular Disease John T. King, M.D.
1948 Some Functional Distresses in the Abdomen Walter Alvarez, M.D.
1947 Pernicious Anemia from Addison to Folic Acid Russell L. Haden, M.D.
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