History of the KUMC Alumni Associations

Health Professions Alumni Association

From its early stages...
1940's First Health Professions Programs at KU
1949 Hearing and Speech Department Established by an act of the Kansas Legislature.
June Miller appointed first Chairperson
1974 School of Health Professions Established by Kansas Board of Regents
1982 First Distinguished Teaching Award Presented to Catherine Seward-Teller

To its establishment...
1983 First Meeting of the KU Health Professions Alumni Association
Constitution and By-Laws Adopted
Dues Set at $10
First Newsletter distributed
Health Professions Alumni Association Bank Account Established

And development...
1984 First Health Professions Alumni Association Continuing Education Course Presented
1984 Paid membership for the year reach 45 members
1985 First Dues Letter Sent
1986 Occupational Therapy completed move to the Medical Center Campus
1988 Health Professions Alumni Scholarship Established
1990 Paid Membership Dues reached 582 members
1991 James P. Cooney Leadership Award Established
1997 Paid Membership Dues reached 650 members, all-time high
1998 Dr. Karen L. Miller appointed Dean for the School of Health Professions and the School of Nursing

Medical Alumni Association

Just when the University of Kansas Medical Alumni Association came into being is not quite clear. The statistical records have not been compiled inasmuch as a full-time secretary in a separate alumni office at the Medical Center came into existence around 1972. There was previously a part-time secretary.

Records of "officers" back to 1949 have been found. However, the Medical Association was in existence many years prior to that time. There are now approximately 5,000 living graduates.

Donations formed the financial survival of the early years. The first regular dues in the amount of $1 were collected in 1952. In 1956, the dues were increased to $5 and to $10 in 1970. In 1977, dues increased to $15 and then again 1982 to $25. Currently, the dues are $50 annually.

Many medical alumni complete their undergraduate education on a campus other than KU. The Alumni & Community Relations office works to provide a relationship with these alumni, which serves to enhance their total university allegiance.

In 1987, the Medical Alumni Association formed a Wichita Alumni alliance. The Wichita office serves to strengthen the relationships with those students completing their two years of clinical training on that campus.

Nurses Alumni Association

The University of Kansas Nurses Alumni Association was organized October 14, 1919. In 1937, regular membership dues in the amount of $5 were collected from alumni who resided in Kansas District No. 2. Non-Residents were those alumni living outside this district who paid dues in the amount of $2. At some point, the resident clause was dropped and membership for all nurse graduates was $5.

There were 1,342 dues paying members in 1996 for the entire calendar year (an all-time high). There were 1,229 paid memberships for 2000. At present the regular membership consists of any graduate of the University of Kansas School of Nursing, any Honorary Nurse Alumnus and School of Nursing present faculty.

Last modified: Dec 13, 2012