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Baby Jay Appearance Request

Please read the policies carefully before completing this form.

Policies for Baby Jay appearances:

  1. Appearance requests must be from KUMC departments. All community, KU and other requests need to go through KU Athletics.
  2. Applications must be received at least 2 weeks in advance.
  3. The costume is for KUMC events only and no personal use or lending is allowed.
  4. If you are filing the request, it is your responsibility to make sure that no other Baby Jay is attending the event.
  5. A private & lockable changing room is required for mascot.
  6. Appearances have a one-hour minimum charge requirement.
  7. Water must be provided for mascot.
  8. 48-hour event cancelation is required.
  9. If the costume is damaged, replacement fees will be assessed and charged.
  10. Appearance fees are $60.00 per hour.
  11. If the event is off-campus, then mileage will be charged at a rate of $0.545 per mile.
  12. Departments will be charged after the event.
Last modified: Jan 06, 2020