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Alumni Reunion Weekend

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Class Event Planning

Help Wanted

Seeking volunteer class coordinators for 2019 Alumni Reunion Weekend!

Each year, the KUMC Alumni Association helps dozens of classes plan their own private events during Alumni Reunion Weekend. But, in order for us to have an event for your class, we need an alumni volunteer.

We know you're busy so we try to make it easy! Here's how it usually works:

1.) Sign up to be a class coordinator. Some classes have one coordinator, others like to form a committee of 2-4 classmates. That part is up to you.

2.) We provide a class contact list. It's okay if you're not in touch with everyone you graduated with! We will give you the most recent information available. You can use this information to connect with classmates about the reunion.

3.) Together, we pick a time, place and price. If you have a favorite restaurant or a bar where your class liked to hang out, great! If you haven't been to Kansas City in 40 years and need some ideas, that's perfectly okay too! We have a long list of local venues that we've worked with in the past, and we're happy to help find a good spot for your group. All class events will be on Saturday, October 5. The deadline to finalize the basic event details is Friday, March 1.

4.) Promote! Promote! Promote! Our office will send out multiple emails and postal mailings to all of your classmates to make sure they have the event information. It is very helpful for class coordinators to supplement our promotion with phone calls and emails to classmates. There's no substitute for the personal connection between classmates.

5.) Registration. The KUMC Alumni Association will process all of the registrations/RSVPs for your class event. We'll also take care of collecting funds and paying the venues (if needed). We'll be sure to keep you in the loop so you know who has signed up and who needs some encouragement.

6.) Event time! For each class event, the KUMC Alumni Association provides printed name badges, Jayhawk table decor, and other fun goodies. Depending on the size and complexity of your event, we'll either drop off the supplies in advance or stay to help set up.

Start planning your class event

If you have questions about class events or Alumni Reunion Weekend in general, please contact us.

Last modified: May 17, 2019